Electric cars are the latest technological innovation in the field of automobiles. Check out how do electric vehicles work.

How Do Electric Cars Work

These days, electric cars are getting more and more popular amongst the masses because of their simple mechanism and hard-core performance. Also known as electric vehicles (EV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV), Electric cars are quite similar to solar cars, apart from the fact that they are designed for commuting rather than racing. At times, a question comes to the mind that, how do electric cars work. So, coming to the answer directly, electric vehicles are propelled by an electric motor that gets power from the on-board batteries.
Engines of such cars don’t burn gasoline; instead they use electricity stocked up in the batteries. Sometimes, twelve, twenty-four, or even more batteries are required to power the vehicle. These batteries can be easily recharged at home using a standard electrical outlet, utilizing either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). Usually batteries need overnight charging so as to power the motor for the next day use. The EV batteries can be lead acid batteries, or ni-cad (nickel-cadmium) batteries.
Most of the electric cars, at present, can just run about 100 miles before they require recharge for another time. However, a few electric vehicles with special batteries can cover longer distance. The EV also has a controller to regulate the power, and it is linked to the accelerator pedal and an electric motor. As and when the driver turns on the power and pushes the accelerator pedal, electricity is sent from the battery via the controller to the electric motor. Subsequently, the motor powers the wheels of the vehicle.
How Do Electric Vehicles Work - In Brief  

As electric cars add less to pollution than gasoline-powered cars, they are definitely an eco-friendly option. 

  • An electric car is powered by an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine.
  • The electric motor of an electric vehicle gets its power from a controller.
  • The controller gets power from a group of rechargeable batteries.

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