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Hero Electric Bikes

As a 100% subsidiary in the Hero Group, Hero Electric entered into the electric vehicle segment in 2007. With a complete and extensive research in the two-wheeler fragment of the Indian market, the group made a strategic move to venture into electric vehicles, to offer the owners the comfort of riding an eco-friendly scooterette, that’s cost effective, noise free, convenient to handle as well as battery operated. Being one of the largest players and a known name in the scooter industry, Hero Electric offers seven electric bike models, namely, Hero Electric Maxi, Hero Electric Optima Plus, Hero Electric Wave Dx, Hero Electric Zion, Hero Electric Cruz, Hero Electric E-Sprint, and Hero Electric Photon. A leaf through the following sections provides details about each e-bike. Take a look!
Hero Maxi
The sharp design angles and eye-catching looks give this electric bike a futuristic outlook, paving way for the low-priced class of prospective bike purchasers. Ideally priced at Rs. 29,000-31,000, this small, yet sturdy, two-wheeler is outfitted with trendy 16-inch alloy wheels, offering a smooth ride to its owners. Being eco-friendly and pollution free, the vehicle contributes to low noise pollution. Available in three colors – red, black and blue, this scooterette can be driven at a top speed of 25 km/h and is capable of covering about 70 km per single charge. Unique features include portable charger with safety cut-offs, electronic braking system for electronic mechanism to cut-off power, and waterproof motor with hall sensors. Easy to maintain and safe to handle, this scooter makes a perfect choice for the Gen-X.
Hero Optima Plus
With a broader seat, high quality feel, and convenient handling, the Optima Plus is the top-notch model from the Hero Electric’s kitty. With features to-die-for, this e-scoot lures its customers through its artistic design and colorful stickers on the body. The brake light, big turn signals, waterproof casing for battery, and large indicators with extra safety are some distinct characteristics that enable the riders to squeeze through rough and jam-packed Indian roads. This e-scoot is capable of delivering a top speed of 25 km/h and managing about 70 km on a full single charge. This sleek and stylish two-wheeler is offered at Rs. 31,000-34,000, with color options of black, burgundy, and white.
Hero Wave Dx
For those who are desirous of switching on the button and cruising their beauty through the town instantly, the Wave Dx is on-offer from the Hero’s range of electric two-wheelers. Designed strategically to suit both the sexes, this smart-looking scooter can be ideally picked up by customers of all age groups. The vehicle comes with a host of features, like multiple rear view mirrors, hardened open pocket, aerodynamically designed front body panel, remote locking, cellphone charger, etc. To ensure the vehicle’s and rider’s safety, the Wave Dx is equipped with electronic alarms, vehicle drive unit immobilizer, electronic brake system, puncture resistant high density tread tyres, etc. The top speed offered by this scooter is 25 km/h. It is outfitted with a 250W battery that enables the vehicle to run for 70 km on a single charging. Available in three colors – black, burgundy, and silver, the Wave Dx is priced at Rs. 33,000-36,000.
Hero Zion
Sleek and elegant with gorgeous looks, the Hero Zion is an eco-friendly electric bike, offering a comfortable ride to its owners. The classy looks are further enhanced by designer alloy wheels and chequered flag stripes. The e-scooty boasts of an array of modern features, like high torque motor, superior control with EMC technology, auto cut-off mechanism, user friendly instrument cluster, strong re-inforced chassis, and high efficiency BLDC motor. Its aerodynamic design offers better control, while it can be easily maneuvered due to its lightweight body. Riders can enjoy a ride at a top speed of 25 km/h. However, it can cover a maximum of 45 km on a single charging. It is available in three color shades - olive black, mystic silver, and pearl white, at a price range of Rs. 31,000-33,000.
Hero Cruz
For a completely delightful and enjoyable ride, the Hero Electric range presents the Cruz, that’s smart and eco-friendly. Well-built and reliable, this versatile scooterette is a battery powered two-wheeler for rides of all ages. Its large high-density foam seats make the ride comfortable for both the rider and the pillion rider. It has been modeled with trendy features, such as side wheel shockers, maintenance free VRLA battery, odometer for mileage information, dream brakes and e-bike charger. Priced at Rs. 32,000-35,000, owners can pick a Hero Cruz from a wide color range offered – olive black, silky gray, burgundy red, and deep blue. This pretty-looking vehicle can cruze up to 25 km/h as the top speed, with a maximum coverage range of 70 on a single charge.
Hero E-Sprint
Among the youngest to join the league of electric two-wheeler market, the E-Sprint makes for an eco-friendly as well as pocket friendly scooterette. The chic and aerodynamic designing, combined with superior handling, high speed and innovative technology, make it a sought-after vehicle for scooty lovers. The steel alloy wheels enhance the stylish and impressive appearance of the scooter, apart from controlling its weight. High efficiency BLDC motor, advanced throttle mechanism, sensor braking system, auto cut-off mechanism, telescopic shockers, and hydraulic front disc brakes are some appealing features of the E-Sprint. Plus, its light weight makes a great addition to its list of comfortable features. The scooty delivers a blazing speed of 45 km/h, with a range of 65 km per charge. Available in three exciting shades of red, black, grey, and silver, the E-Sprint is priced at Rs. 36,000-38,000.

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