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Kinetic Flyte

The Kinetic Flyte is a 125cc gearless scooter that has been recently launched in the Indian two-wheeler market. Priced at around Rs. 37, 499, the Flyte is already emerging as a winner. This is almost at par with the TVS Scooty Pep. Kinetic wants to carve a niche for itself and looks like it is just about to get successful at it. The review given below is aimed to provide you with necessary details regarding the Kinetic Flyte automatic scooter.
Stylish Design
The Flyte is designed very stylishly, keeping in mind the urban generation. The rear view mirrors are of the body color and are impact resistant, which means they fold in case of an impact. The tail lamp is simple and stylishly attractive. The vehicle looks very comfortable and user friendly and unlike many other scooters, it does not look heavy or bulky. There are very minimal panel gaps and the use of high quality plastics makes it quite superior quality wise. Kinetic Flyte 125cc is available in 5 colors - Black Mystique, Silver Flash, Lavender Groove, Red Oomph and Jade Charisma.
Power and Performance
The 125 cc engine of Kinetic Flyte gives out a power of 8bhp at 7000 rpm and the maximum torque is about 9.1Nm at 5500 rpm. This torque is apt for commuting in the city traffic and the pick up is as smooth as butter. The maximum speed attained by the Flyte is around 70km/h, which it reaches effortlessly. The battery in Flyte is a powerful 9Ah, unlike other scooters that usually have a 5Ah. The powerful battery takes care of the cold starting in Flyte. The emission of Flyte is modulated by secondary air injection. The Flyte delivers a mileage of around 40 km/l and makes use of the continuously variable transmission (CVT).
Handling the vehicle in the city traffic is quite easy. To make servicing easy, the air filter is located on the surface. Another useful and thoughtful feature is the mobile charging point provided in the scooter. Since the fuel tank lid in provided in the front surface of the scooter, there is no need to get off when filling it up. The seat is comfortably designed and there is around 22 liter under-seat storage, which is LED illuminated. You may store your gloves and even your helmet below the seat and securely lock it.
Technical Specifications
Maximum Power
8 bhp at 7000 rpm
Maximum Torque
9.1 Nm at 5500 rpm
106 kg
Ground Clearance
135 mm
Fuel Tank
5 liters
1260 mm
Drum Type
Self Start

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