Find reviews on Bajaj Kristal DTS-i that scooter/ scooty, designed exclusively for the urban womwn in India.

Bajaj Kristal DTS-i

The Bajaj Kristal DTS-i is a sleek looking two-wheeler that has been designed exclusively for the new age urban women. This scooter is very easy to ride in the heavy traffic, is light weight and comes in attractive colors like red, black, blue and silver. But what takes the cake is the fact that this is the first un-geared scooter introduced by Bajaj. The Bajaj Kristal DTS-i is equipped with technology like Digital Twin Spark Ignition, SNS (Spring-in-Suspension technology) and the ExhausTEC. While Kristal DTS-I has a 95cc engine and delivers a power of 7.2 Ps (5.38 KW) at 7,500 rpm, the maximum torque of this bike is around 7.66 Nm at 5,500 rpm.
The ExhausTEC and DTSi provide better fuel efficiency and smoother ride. A top speed of 80 km/h is notched up by the Kristal. The fuel tank has the capacity to hold 6 liters of petrol. The mileage is a delightful 50km/l and the effective SNS ensures that your back is not strained while driving on bumpy roads. The foam seat of the Kristal is very comfortable and there is enough storage space below it. The front fueling system is commendable and the fuel tank opens up with one small turn of the ignition key. The same key can be also used to open the accelerator lock, steering, seat lock and for ignition.
The design of the bike is very practical and ergonomic. Though stylish, the comfort of the rider seems to be the top priority for designing this bike. The front of the scooter has plastic panels that save it from scratches and prove to be quite practical. You can easily find a fuel gauge, speedometer, analog distance counter, indicators for the side stand, turn lights and the high-beam. The scooter is quite light in weight, only 100 kg, which makes it all the more easy to maneuver in heavy traffic. There is a glove compartment in the front and the under-seat storage is of about 22 liters, thus making it the ideal place to store all those shopping bags.

Technical Specifications


Kick/ES with Motorized fuel pump
Leading link co-axial
Trailing arm Single Shock Absorber with SNS
Mechanical Expanding Shoe Type (110 mm)
Mechanical Expanding Shoe Type (110 mm)
3.00 x 10 - 4PR
3.00 x 10 - 4PR
Maximum Power
7.2 Ps (5.38 KW) at 7,500 rpm
Maximum Torque
7.66 Nm at 5,500 rpm
Maximum Speed
80 km/h

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