Have a look at the Yamaha Alba 106 CC bike and find reviews and price of this stylish bike in India.

Yamaha Alba

Yamaha has launched another bike recently in the Indian market. The Yamaha Alba, targets the Indian mass that is looking for an average family bike. The Yamaha Alba is a 106 cc bike that gives you a good mileage, comfortable seating and decent value for money. Lookwise, Yamaha may have let down the Indian audience since these days, a sleek or a macho is very in. In looks, Yamaha Alba is just average. The alloy wheeled Alba is priced at Rs. 45,500 while the spoke wheeled Alba will cost you around Rs. 43, 500.
Engine and Styling
Yamaha Alba is available in four different colors red, silver, black and blue. The Alba looks cool and doesn’t really resort to stylish means to gain attention. It has its own charm, though may not match up to the Pulsars and Apaches. The 4 speed gearbox follows the preferred shift pattern of Yamaha, first down and the rest three up. The engine gives out a power of 7.6bhp at 7500 rpm, while maximum torque is 80 Nm at 6000 rpm. The torque remains pretty stable even in low rpm bands due to correctly spaced out gear ratios and other technologies.
Mileage and Comfort
Though the bike claims to have a mileage of 85km/l, in the city traffic conditions, one is able to get a decent mileage of around 65 km/l. the top speed notched up by the Alba is around 95 km/h and those who dread that vibration that invariably creeps in when you are zooming, get happy; the vibration in the bike is non-existent. The seat is quite comfortable and the rider is required to lean a bit forward, due to longer wheelbase.
Our Verdict
The bike would have been better if the option of self-start was present. The brakes are quite effective and they are standard 130mm drum brakes for front and rear. It may be concluded that Yamaha Alba may work out as a decent family bike for the Indian mass, though it may receive some stiff competition from many other bikes that are priced much lower than Alba and give a better performance.  
Technical Specifications
Dimensions and Weight
1300 mm
123 kgs
Model Designation
Single Cylinder Air Cooled
Kick Start
Fuel Efficiency
60 - 65 km/l
4-Stroke SOHC
4 Speed Constant Mesh
Telescopic Hydraulic Type
Rectangular Swing Arm with Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Drum Type (Disc Type is optional)
Drum Type
2.75 X 18" 42 P
3.00 X 18" 6pr, 52 P
Fuel Tank
13 Liters
Maximum Horsepower
7.6 Ps at 7,500 rpm
Maximum Torque
7.85 Nm at 6000 rpm

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