Rust spots on the surface of the car not only dent its appearance, but also grow bigger in size with time. Read this article to learn how to repair / fix rust spots on a car.

How To Repair Rust On A Car

Rust spots, whether big or small, on the surface of a car looks ugly. There may be various reasons for the formation of rust spots on car surface. The key reason for formation of rust spots on car is when the paint gets scaled off or scratched through the primer coat. This phenomenon may happen because of the stones lying on the road or maybe a small car accident. In either case the metal beneath gets exposed to moisture and air causing it (metal) to oxidize. The result is the formation of rust spots on car surface.  
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When not repaired or tended on time, a rust spot on the surface of a car usually increases in size and spreads with time. As such, it is important that you repair or fix the rust spots on the car surface on time. Incase you have a small patch on your car that needs tending because of the rust, use brown sandpaper and touch up with body paint. The process of removing rust from car body is easy and touching up takes minutes. Read this article to learn how to how to repair rust spots on a car.
Tips For Repairing Rust Spots on Car 
  • Get the surface of the car ready by scraping away the loose paint and rubbing the rust off with the coarse pad.
  • Apply the rust neutralizer on the metal using a small brush.
  • Now let it dry for a few hours.
  • Paint a second coat. You need to wait for at least another 24 hours before moving on to the next step.
  • Touch up with a primer. You can use an artist's brush to apply rusty-metal primer over the entire exposed metal surface on car. Remember to brush in only one direction. Otherwise you will risk leaving behind residue and marks on the car.
  • Sand and polish smooth
  • The next step is to apply a modest quantity of glazing putty
  • Apply spray paint to complete / finish the topmost coat.
  • You can request your paint dealer to provide the exact match for your car. Then you can use an artist’s brush to paint the area. You will require a minimum of five to six coats. Allow it to dry.

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