Hot wiring a car is a serious crime, but may come in handy when your ignition is broken and you can’t start your car normally. Check out tips for hot wiring a car.

How To Hot Wire A Car

You must have seen the desperate hero trying to start a car by tapping two wires together in many action movies. This procedure is called hot wiring a car. Usually, hot wiring is considered illegal as criminals use this method to steal cars. However, there are times in life when sometimes you need to start your car in the same way due to reasons like lost or deformed key, ignition malfunction. Keep in mind the fact that if anyone sees you hot wiring a car, he/she has all the rights to inform the police. So make sure you have your necessary documents that you can produce to ensure it is your car. Here are instructions on how to hot wire a car.
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  • It is always advisable to have a small tool kit in the car for emergencies. Usually, this tool kit would have a small screwdriver. Take the screw driver and try to ignite like you would do with your normal key. If the car starts, well and good, if it doesn’t you really need to consider hot wiring!
  • Make sure the vehicle is in neutral when you do this. Any sudden movement can injure you or may even cause death. So be careful when you are about to start.
  • Locate the “on” wires placed right below the steering wheel. Usually there are a bunch of wires and only two of them will have the charge. These two wires will be just under the steering column, which come up for ignition. Don’t go by the color of the wires unless you know the color code for your car model.
  • Strip the insulated portion in the front of the wire. Do not, I repeat, do not touch the bare wire with your hands. They have a powerful electrical charge and unless you want to be badly electrocuted, don’t touch them.
  • Now, carefully place the two bare ends such that you make them touch each other lightly. You should be able to see a small spark go up when you do this and the car may try to ignite. Repeat for sometime till the ignition starts.
  • The ignition usually starts after a couple of trials. When that happens, don’t continue holding the two wires together. Just separate them normally and make sure to accelerate lightly to keep the ignition running.
  • Once the ignition is on, carefully place the wires out of your reach and if possible, insulate them back. They must not touch you in any way when you are driving or else you may be in for a painful shock.

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