In case you are thinking of selling your old car, make use of the tips given in the following lines. Read on to know how to sell a used car.

How To Sell A Used Car

All of us like to have a change after some time and the same holds true in context of cars also. After a few years, most of us would like to go for a new model, a new brand. Before this, you have to sell off your old car and for that purpose; you need to keep certain things in mind. They will not only ensure that you get a good price, but also make your sale hassle free. In the following lines, we have mentioned a number of tips that will help you in selling your old car at a price that is worth it.  
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How to Sell a Used Car 
  • Check out the classified section of the local newspaper or visit a mechanic. You will be able to get an idea about the market value of the cars similar to yours.
  • Keeping in mind the condition of the car, the kilometers covered, the mileage, the repair work and other things, decide on the exact price that you want to quote.
  • Wash and wax the car thoroughly. Make sure to empty the boot and do some minor repairs like fixing broken knobs, torn upholstery, sticking windows, etc. This will help your car look newer than it is.
  • Get all the paperwork related to the car in order. Be it the paying of outstanding parking tickets, renewal of ‘Pollution Under Control’ (PUC) certificate, and so on; make sure to have no loose ends.
  • Now is the time to advertise your car. Put up ads at the repair shop (service station), at the local grocery store or in the local daily. At the same time, put a 'For Sale' sign in the windscreen of your car.
  • When a buyer shows interest in your car, tell him the reason for selling the car, give all the information on its year of purchase, mileage, repairs and any new parts that you have put in the car.
  • Once the buyer quotes a price for your car, try to appear as if you are thinking over the offer. Even if the price is above your expectations, don’t jump on it right away.
  • In case the buyer makes a ridiculously low offer, politely turn it down. There is no point in bargaining with him for a good price. Make a counter offer only if the price being offered is close to what you were expecting.
  • Close the deal at the agreed price and then do the necessary formalities for transferring the car to the new owner. Visit the nearest RTO and the officials there will guide you through the formalities.
  • After you have sold you car, inform the insurance company about the same. They will remove the insurance from your policy. 
Old Car Selling Tips 
  • Always let the buyer inspect your car through an independent mechanic. It is better to tell him in advance about any accidents, major repairs, etc.
  • In case you are selling the car before the repairs, it is better to deduct the repair expenses from the price of the car.
  • Make sure that the car gets transferred to the new owner. Otherwise, you might be held responsible for the acts committed by him, if any.

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