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Types Of Hybrid Cars

With global warming gripping the world for real, there is an urgent requirement for the people to cut on fuel emissions. Fuel emissions from vehicles are accounted to be the biggest contributor in adding greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Thus, a solution needs to be developed by which people won’t have to sacrifice on using cars for their transport facilities and at the same time not degrade the environment.
The answer to this is - Hybrid Cars. The hybrid cars help to cut fuel consumption by almost 50%-60%, thereby reducing fuel emissions. Though it runs on electricity, it uses fuel alternatively. This is so because all hybrid cars derive their power from two engines: Gasoline and Electric engine. The car starts by igniting the gasoline engine and as it gathers speed, the electric engine takes over automatically. At the same time, when the car stops the gasoline engine takes over.
Types of Hybrid Technologies
Currently, there are two types of hybrid car technologies in the market. The first one is called Series. In this, the gasoline engine is first used to start up the car. After attaining a certain level of speed, the electric engine takes over automatically. Similarly, when you apply brakes to stop the car, the electric engine gradually shifts the power to the gasoline engine. The gasoline engine can also be used to charge the electric engine.
The second technology is called Parallels. Though the physical configuration of the technology is the same as the former, it is the performance that is different. Though the gasoline engine can be used to start and stop the vehicle, the electric engine is used to enhance the power of the car as and when required. The Parallels technology is used in those hybrid cars that are more used for long-distance traveling. 

Hybrid cars should be advertised with a great zeal and enthusiasm in the market in order to make people realize the potential of environment friendly vehicles. Though there are many hybrid vehicles doing really well, more awareness is needed to increase the usage of hybrid vehicles and repair the damage done to the environment.

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