Looking for ways to improve your car engine performance? Stop searching further. In this article, we have provided some excellent tips on high performance of car engine.

Improve Your Car Engine Performance

All of us understand that getting a car serviced on a regular basis is very necessary for maintaining its performance levels. Irregular and infrequent servicing can badly damage the performance of an automobile, be it a car, a scooter, a bike or a truck. However, did you know that there are a number of other steps, which if taken properly, can help you improve the performance of your car engine. All they require is some effort on your part and you will be rewarded with a car that performs much better than other cars of the same ‘date of purchase. If you want to know how improve your car engine performance, read on further.
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Tips on High Performance of Car Engine 
  • Add a second exhaust valve to each cylinder. It will help the exhaust exit more easily. You can also go for high-performance exhaust systems that use headers, big tail pipes and free-flowing mufflers, to get rid of back-pressure in the exhaust system.
  • Cool the air coming into the cylinder, with the help of an intercooler. It is basically a special radiator, through which the compressed air passes before it enters the cylinder and gets cooled. The cooler the air in the cylinder, the more it will expand when combustion takes place.
  • Increase the compression ratio of the car, since it helps in the production of more power. However, higher compression leads to spontaneous bursting of air-fuel mixture into flame, much prior to the spark plug igniting it. You can solve the problem by using high octane gasoline, as it prevents the early combustion problem mentioned before.
  • Increase the displacement of your car by making the cylinders bigger or by adding more cylinders (maximum number of cylinders is 12). Increased displacement will result in better burning of gas during each revolution of the engine and thus, more power for the engine.
  • Make sure that the fuel injection to each cylinder is precise and accurate. Good fuel injection helps in exact metering of fuel to each cylinder and in turn, improves performance and fuel economy.
  • Put more air, in turn more fuel, into a cylinder. You will get the same result as you get from increasing the number or size of cylinders. For the purpose, you can make use of turbo chargers and super chargers, which pressurize the incoming air in such a way that more air is crammed into the cylinder.
  • Reduce the air resistance caused by the downward movement of the piston, in the intake stroke, by putting two intake valves in each cylinder. Apart from that, you can also use polished intake manifolds or bigger air filters for the purpose. The lesser the air resistance, the more powerful will be the engine of your car.
  • Try to use as much lightweight parts for the engine as possible. They help the engine perform much more smoothly and efficiently. Especially a lightweight piston will make the engine more powerful, as it will consume less energy for changing direction.

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