Replacing car timing belt is not a very easy process. It is a complicated task and requires you to follow certain steps. Read on to know how to replace/change car timing belt.

How To Replace Car Timing Belt

Timing belt is a part of the internal combustion engine of a car that controls the timing of engine’s valves. It is also called the timing chain or the cam belt. Timing belt is basically used for power transmission or for interchange of rotary motion and linear motion, when the car has to either balance heavy weight or maintain a specific drive ratio. Replacing car timing belt is not an easy process. It is a complicated task and requires you to follow a certain procedure. In the following lines, we have provided a series of steps, following which you can know how to replace/change a car timing belt.
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Steps for Replacing Car Timing Belt 
  • The first step towards replacing a car timing belt is disconnecting the battery and removing the distributor cap. In case your car does not have a distributor cap, ensure that the cam position sensor is at "Top Dead Center" (TDC). Refer to the repair manual of your car to get this correct.
  • The next step is to make sure that you rotate the engine in such a way that the timing mark on the crankshaft pulley is in line with the "0" mark on the timing scale. The distributor rotor should be aligned with the index mark on the distributor housing.
  • Uncork the bolts, screws, other belts and parts that are necessary before the removal of the timing belt. Each car model has a different make and has different parts that come in the way of the timing belt. Refer to the manual for the specific parts of your car and their removal instructions.
  • Remember, you just have to loosen the timing belt tensioner and the mounting bolts and not remove them. Move the tensioner away from the belt and then tighten the mounting bolts, to hold the tensioner in place.
  • Since you have loosened the timing belt tensioner, it would easily slide off. Remove the timing belt when you have slid it off.
  • Replace the timing belt with a new one and just reverse the removal steps. Consult the manual to know how hard to torque the tensioner bolts and other bolts, when replacing parts. Keep the marks on the pulleys aligned at all times.

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