In this article, we tell you how to convert your car to hydrogen. Read on to find out the steps involved in converting your car to hydrogen.

How To Convert Your Car To Hydrogen

Conventional fuel is getting more and more expensive. In such a scenario, people are bound to look for some sort of an alternative that would help them to save on the insane amounts that is right now being spent on the fuel bills. If you want to save huge amounts of cash on your fuel bills and want to know how to convert your car to hydrogen, then you have come to the right place. Read on to find out the steps in converting your car to hydrogen.
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The Car - The first and foremost step involved is to get a car that you would not really regret messing with. This is simply because of the fact that if something or the other goes wrong with the car while you are working with it, then you don't really regret it. Even if you know how to go ahead with it, we would suggest you do not try this on a brand new or an expensive car.
Hydrogen Conversion Kits - Next, get one of the hydrogen conversion kits that are easily available in the market. These are quite easy to install and comes with the instruction manual so that you can do it yourself, at the comfort of your own backyard.
Instruction Manual - Read the instruction manual before you start, and please stop when you feel that you are having some kind of trouble going ahead with the installation. Do not force it. Always be sure of what you are doing. Although it is not that tough a task specially because there are numerous ready made kits already available, but it is not an easy task either. It will be tough especially for those who don't know anything about cars.
Professional Help – The installation of a hydrogen conversion kit generally involves cutting the fuel pipe and hooking up a couple of wires with the conversion kit using 12-volt power source. But it is not quite as easy as it sounds. Take the help of a professional if you feel you won't be able to do it all by yourself. It is better to take some professional help rather than regretting later. 
Tips and Warnings
  • These hydrogen conversion kits do not modify your car's engine or ECU, so do not worry about your car's engine getting damaged in the process. These are pretty easy to install and remove.
  • Your car's engine gets damaged slowly by the unburnt fuel. Converting it into hydrogen will help to get rid of the carbon deposits that are caused by the unburnt fuel.
  • The engine of your car will also become quieter because of the conversion. The engine will also stop knocking. This is because the water changes the combustion cycle of the engine into a more “proper” cycle.
  • The conversion of your car from petrol to hydrogen will save your fuel bills by more than 40% in real-life situations.
  • Most importantly, it won't have any harmful impact on the environment. This alone is a good reason to go ahead with it.

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