Feeling down and out? Read this article about how to become confident and give yourself a little shot of confidence.

How To Become Confident

If you’re too shy to be visible in public and constantly lay out grandeur schemes and exit routes about how to escape the inevitable, then be aware of another inevitable that will happen sooner or later that will shut the doors on you if you keep on running away from situations rather than facing them straight on and dealing with them. Little David did not chicken out when confronted with a prehistoric looking Goliath, but faced the giant with confidence and belief in his abilities to use the sling with just one stone. The problem is not as big as our mind makes it to be. A research has estimated that we only inherit a maximum of 40% of behavioral and emotional pattern through genetic, which leaves us with 60% of the ability to make or break our course of life in our own hands. Who would have thought? And here you were, feeling helpless, thinking it can’t be dealt with unless ran away from. Come to think of it now, if the amount of time and effort that you had put in avoiding the unavoidable were to be channelized properly till date, what wonders it would have done? Below mentioned are some ways to become confident that will put your intelligent, but scheming mind, to actual work.
Ways To Become Confident
Expose Your Fear
What is it that’s getting you down? Is it the constant bitchiness or comments from people around you who say that natural flair is something either you’re born with or not? Is it the fear of underperforming? Is it the fear of failure? Or is it the fear of coming out as an idiot in public? Whatever it is, it’s not worth having to spend your life like a rodent, living under holes. Expose your fears and bring them out in the open. Get out of your comfort zone. It’s the best way of losing the inhibitions and breaking away from the bondage of fear. Join social events or gatherings, and offer help in any way you can. Another good way of doing it is by standing in front of the mirror and talking out loud to yourself. Just open yourself to the world and everything will seem to fall right into place.
Acknowledge Your Abilities
Re-acquaint yourself with what you already know, but somehow have pushed them back so much so that they have taken a backseat. Don’t let people and situations dictate terms to you. Do the exact opposite, to situations but not to people though. Recognize yet again, what you’re good at. Don’t discount yourself out by thinking that others can do it too or do it better. You can’t pet your negative energy and then complain that “I feel helpless”. Acknowledge what you’re good at and believe that it can take you places. For better results, stop comparing yourself to what others can do or what you can’t do.
Exercise, Meditate And Pray
Take up meditation or praying. It is a good way of releasing the built up emotions out into the open. All of the three are good stress buster techniques. If you want to take up exercising, join a gym or a sports club. If you want to meditate, join yoga classes. And if you want to pray, go to the spiritual gathering. Point of joining these clubs, classes and gatherings is to not leave you alone with yourself; lest you fall back into your comfort zone yet again. Meeting new people and doing all these things with a group has a different effect altogether. It will boost your confidence level and will make you more sociable. You can also adhere to positive thinking affirmations, which are like short positive statements that you say to yourself on a regular basis. These affirmations help replace your negative energy with the positive ones and bring about favorable outcomes.
Groom Up
Have you ever given a thought as to how you look or how you dress up? If not, then do it now. Don’t be content with your outward appearance unless you feel that you can’t improve on it and take it a notch up. Don’t just try to look good in what you wear, but try to look good and make an impression overall. Grooming up means paying heeds to how you walk, what your mannerisms are in public, and how your posture is (bent or straight). Get a haircut from a professional hairstylist. Improve on your attire by taking a help of a professional designer or a friend with super fashion sense. A groomed up you will feel more confident than a sluggard you.
Latch on to these ways to become confident and see for yourself that there’s actually nothing to hide from and the world is there for you to be conquered.

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