How important is body language in dating? Most often the subconscious gestures that we make win us a potential mate. Read on to know the importance of body language in dating.

How Important Is Body Language In Dating?

It has forever been up to the men to make the first move, plead, cajole, wine, dine and bribe women with chocolates, flowers and opulent dinners before popping up the actual question, while women, all sweet, delicate and naïve, battle hard to defy their attention, unless they finally give away and fumble a ‘yes’. While it is easy to think that it’s our male counterparts who initiate, fight and win the battle of dating on their own, little do we know that it is often the women who orchestrate the pace, flow and direction of a romantic relationship. Though she might not be all that vocal about the feelings, it is her body language that conveys most part of the unsaid chemistry. Dating is indeed the opening move of this elusive game of love and perhaps the only way of finding out if you are made for each other or not. While it is never easy to figure out the real feelings of a person unless stated, decoding one’s body signals and physical gestures can go a long way to get the picture straight. Body language, when synchronized with feelings, can help convey the exact messages. To know more on the importance of body language in dating, read on.
Importance Of Body Language In Dating
First Impression Is Indeed The Best
Sometimes it doesn’t take a lifetime, but just three seconds to form a lasting impression about someone. No matter how much we disagree with it, it is a known fact that almost everyone stereotypes the other on the basis of first impression. So, if you wish to get all glances hooked on you, just remember to put your best food forward, everywhere, every time and every day. After all, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. You need to make sure that everything you do leaves your prospect seeing you in a bright light. Landing up in discolored, crushed clothes and greasy, messy hair will not only ruin your day, but get your date running for the exit. Looking good and even feeling good will not only floor your date, but will also perk up your confidence.
Hold, Touch, Feel!
Sometimes unintentional touches of hand or wrist can send the radar on high-alert and can be sure giveaways of your interest. Often we give away cues on our feelings with simple hand gestures. For instance, clenched fists, restless tappings or drumming of fingers are sure indicators of disinterest on one’s part. Instead, try softly caressing your date’s hands, rubbing arms, or just flick your fingers right through his/her mane to get that sigh blowing out.
Carry Yourself Well!
An affectionate pat on the knee or even a light pat on your arm can be sure signs of interest and shouldn’t be ignored as a passover. After all, these basic signs are ones that help two potential mates bond together. Body posture often reveals more than words and sometimes you can make your best statement just with the way you stand or move your hands. Often we ruin up our dates without slightest inkling on what went wrong. Blame it on your cold, obstructive indifferent body posture. For instance, if you stand or sit at an angle with your body turned away from the date and you have your arms crossed you are sending out the signal that you are uninterested. Watch out for the way you sit and stand and you can turn a potential date to a potential mate soon!
Bat Your Peepers!
This one is especially for women - nothing says it better than the eyes! So let your eyes do all the talking while you sit back and have some fun. If you chance to like the guy, all you have to do is to bat your peepers and gallop your way into his heart. Play with your glances to make your interest more apparent. Hurl sidelong glances or gaze deeply into his eyes for that heartwarming touch. For the first time when his gaze meets yours, just lower your eyes a bit and then smile. Next time, when his gaze meets yours do not shy away. Rather hold on to it and smile directly at the person. This is sure to get him on the floors in no time.
  • Remember to keep that smile on when out on a date for maximum impact. No magic potions work better than a cute grin. That unmistakable sign of your interest can surely be irresistible for your partner.
  • At the time of speaking, do not rush with your words or gulp them. At the same time, do not talk slowly and softly that would bore your date. Talk confidently and in a manner that is both audible and comprehensible.

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