Hair breakage is a major problem that afflicts both the young and old alike. Read below to learn more on what causes hair breakage. Knowing the cause would help you tackle the problem easily.

Hair Breakage Causes

Soft, glowing and luxurious hair is undoubtedly the pride of anyone who owns them. The rest, which is perhaps a vast majority, strive their best to attain the hair of that type, or struggle to retain the hair on their head. Of all the hair problems that anyone can likely face, hair breakage is, undoubtedly, one of the major ones. People with long hair are especially susceptible to it, but those with medium to short hair also suffer from this problem. Indeed hair breakage is more troublesome than hair fall because the hair breaks look like the hair had been left uncombed and in neglect. It becomes an ugly stain on your look and style. Hair fall, unless it is extensive, can be disguised, but the same cannot be said for hair breakages. So, it becomes very essential that you take preventive measures to stop your hair from breaking. There are several ways in which you can do this, provided you know the root cause of this problem. Knowing what is causing the breakage will make it more efficient for you to address the issue. There are quite a number of causes due to which hair breakage occurs. Familiarize yourself with all the causes for hair breakages given below.
What Causes Hair Breakage
  • Hair breakages can occur because of various skin diseases. Some of the skin diseases that can cause hair breakages are lichen planus, and scleroderma.
  • Hormonal imbalance is another likely cause of hair breakages. In males, a drop in the testosterone levels can lead to hair breakages.
  • Those who wear wigs, hats or tight bands on their head can suffer from hair breakages. This is because the accessories create friction with the hair. In the same way, tight ponytails, buns or updos can also lead to hair breakages.
  • Severe physical and emotional stress can lead to hair breakages.
  • Hair breakages also have a genetic link. Those who have a family or relation prone to hair breakages will also suffer from it.
  • One of the major causes of hair breakages is aging. With age, the hair strands lose their healthy being and as such are prone to breakage.
  • Excessive dyeing, highlighting, blow drying and permanent waving can lead to hair breakages.
  • People who have split ends can develop hair breakages if those split ends are not trimmed or removed.
  • Using a relaxer that doesn’t suit to the hair type leads to broken hair. Even over processing the hair by overlapping relaxers can cause the same.
  • Hair breakages can also be caused by using sponge rollers without the satin covering or using the rollers without the end papers.
  • Brisk combing of hair for detangling causes hair breakages. Combing the hair with nylon bristle brush also breaks the hair. Brushing fragile hair or when the hair is wet can lead to hair breakages.
  • People who have long hair should sleep with adequate hair protection. Unless this is done the hair will likely break.
  • Lack of conditioning is the major cause of hair breakage. Without conditioning, the hair becomes dry and more prone to breakings.

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