If you are experiencing hair breakage and have no idea why, then here is a list of some of the common causes. Read on to know the reasons for your hair loss so that you can fight it better.

Breakage Of Hair

Like the skin on our bodies even hair is made up of layers. The outer layer of the hair is called the cuticle and is made up of dead cells. The cuticle covers and shields the cortex, i.e., the core, which is made up of coiled long proteins and makes up most of the hair. Hair breaks or splits towards the end of the hair appear when the cuticle there gets damaged and by looking after your hair, you can significantly lessen the instances of split ends and also cure hair fall. On an average, a person normally loses approximately 50-200 strands of hair per day. This is an insignificant number considering that the human head has about 1 lakh hair strands and the number consistently increases as new hair grows each day. Only if you are losing more than 200 hairs daily, you need to be concerned. If you see broken hair strands on your pillow, when you wake up or on your comb as you brush your hair, you are reading the correct article. Determining the reason for your hair breakage and finding a prompt solution to it will restore your crown.
Hair Breakage Causes
Nutritional Deficiency
  • Deficiency of vitamins & minerals like Vitamin B, Vitamin E, iron, zinc and silica is the chief reason for hair breakage.
  • Lack of wholesome foods like sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts and green vegetables in the diet can also cause hair fall.
  • Water deficiency can make hair brittle hence drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily is a good cure for hair loss.
Using wrong hair product
Wrong hair products play havoc with hair making it brittle and weak. Using cheap products is a big no-no when it comes to grooming your hair. Use only well-known brands. Or rather stick to the milder ones because even the popular and branded ones are high on chemicals. The best solution therefore is to read the label on the product very carefully. For example, not all hair care products advertised as natural are chemical-free; few may be composed of chemicals like SLS.
Cigarette is bad for your hair
Smoking — active or passive — lessens the blood flow and enhances the blood clotting activity of cells which blocks the blood flow and damages arteries, thereby causing oxygen deficiency. This results in weakening of the hair follicles thereby causing dryness of the scalp and ultimately leading to hair loss.
Wrong Hairstyles
Hairstyles that are tight and pull on the scalp, like a tight ponytail, can cause hair loss. Also, hair straighteners and curling irons can damage the follicle and make you lose your hair as well. Styling wet hair causes severe damages to it and may lead to hair loss.
This is a silent killer for your hair shafts for it results in a gradual increase in hair loss which you might not notice at the onset. Stress has adverse effect on the volume of hair. So, though you groom your hair and take care of yourself, if you have highly stressed out lifestyle, you will not be able to control the loss of hair. Identify the reason for stress in your life and deal with it before concentrating on your hair problem.
Getting to the root of the hair fall problem is the first and foremost step. Once you have found the culprit that is causing your hair to fall, you could start an extensive repair management regime. Regularly washing your hair, without allowing build up of excess oil is enough. Massaging olive oil mixed with egg-yolk to your scalp is also an effective remedy to hair loss. You could also visit your dermatologist and get professional help to deal with your scalp problems that are causing hair-loss.

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