You have finally succeeded extracting a yes out of her for the date, but are now too nervous and tongue-tied. Wondering what to talk? Read on to get some first date conversation tips.

First Date Conversation Tips

After much apprehension and hesitation, you finally decide to face the gutsy situation once and for all and put an end to the turmoil in your heart. You head straight to the canteen and there you spot her sitting all alone too engrossed in her mug of latte. Her bright face and glorious locks bowl you over yet again but this time, you have made up your mind. Post initial greetings, you sit right opposite to her at the table and dodging the resistance of your mind, you finally listen to your heart and out pop the question. To your utter surprise, she answers favorably and the two of you single down on the venue, date and time. Everything goes as per plan except one; you don’t know what to talk with her. You are absolutely tongue-tied and are clueless.
Surely, most young men and women would agree to having experienced such a situation in their lives when they remain tightlipped not from shame or fear, but precisely because they have nothing to talk about! It is for these young people that we present our list of conversation topics that they can delve on during that wonderful first date. It is always advisable to keep it simple on the first date. Be it your costume or your conversation, remember that ornamentation will drive away your partner rather than draw him/her towards you. Also, remember to avoid too personal topics for conversation on a first date. Here are a few points to remember during the first conversation on your first date. 
What To Talk On First Date
Family & Siblings
Asking your date about his/her family and siblings is the perfect way to break the ice. This should be a topic that the person finds comfortable talking about and therefore will love sharing details about the same, which means that there will be a certain flow in the conversation and consecutive questions may follow.
Favorite Music & Movies
Each one of us loves music and movies. Ask your date about his/her favorites and why he/she loves the same. Speak about the present music and CD collection that he/she has in his/her ipod. If you share the same interests regarding the choice of movies, speak about what you like about that movie. Music and movies can be great conversation beginners.
While you are on your first date, the idea is to engage your partner in a conversation that will make him/her comfortable being with you. Ask him/her what he/she loves doing when he/she is home alone. Since you have already discussed about your favorite movies and music, delve more on the other hobbies. Ask him/her about his/her favorite outdoor sports. All of these would give you an insight into the interests of your partner. 
Does he/she like to travel? If yes, then what kind of place he/she likes to visit? Share your favorite holiday spots too. Ask him/her about his/her favorite local hangout zones and the type of people that he/she likes socializing with. Make it a point to remember the spots to chalk out the plan for the second date.
For some, talking about pets puts them in the same comfort zone as talking about close family members. So, if in case your date has a pet, talk about it. Also, even if your date does not have a pet, ask him/her the reason as to why he/she does not own one. It will open up various aspects about his/her life. For instance, a person may not own a pet because he fears animals, he is allergic to animals or because he does not have the time to care for the pet. All these information would help you know the person a little better.
Ask him/her about his work and whether he/she loves it. This would give you an in-depth knowledge about the educational and professional background of the person. Also, ask him/her about his/her future plans and goals. In case he/she does not love his/her job, try to know the reason why. If you share similar professions, speak about your respective workplaces, the differences and the similarities.
We hope that these few tips will help you converse successfully when you are on your first date. Impress your partner in such a way that the first date gives way for the second and many more dates to follow! Good luck!

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