Do you want to know what exactly the Fat Flush Diet Plan is? In this article, we have provided complete information on the Fat Flush Diet.

Fat Flush Diet

‘Looking good’ is something that all of us desire. An attractive personality is not only about pretty/handsome face, but also about a good figure/physique. Being fat not only makes us look unattractive, but is also harmful from the point of view of health. There are a number of diet plans in the market, many of them promising you a great figure in just a few days. However, one needs to select the diet plan very carefully, otherwise it might lead to more harm than benefit.
In this article, we have provided one of the beneficial diet plans available for losing weight - the Fat Flush Diet Plan. This particular diet plan was given by Ann Louise Gittleman, in one of her books. The best part of the Fat Flush Plan is that it combines the benefits of detox and weight loss, into a single diet only. It aims at providing all the necessary nutrients, in a way that it boosts metabolism, lowers water retention and helps in fat loss.
Fat Flush Diet Plan
Read on the information given below, to know what a Fat Flush Diet Plan really is.
Phase 1 (2 weeks)
The first phase of the Fat Flush Diet lasts up to 2 weeks. Throughout this phase, you will be consuming only 1100-1200 calories in a day. The main reason behind this is to help an individual in reducing the excessive water retained in the body, along with some fat. Food items like margarine, alcohol, sugar, oils or fats (except flaxseed oil), grains, bread, cereal, starchy vegetables and dairy products are to be totally avoided. Even the amount of herbs and spices you can have during this time is restricted.
Phase 2 (Till the Time Weight Loss is Achieved)
The phase 2 of the Fat Flush Diet starts from the third week and lasts till the time the desired weight loss has been achieved. During this phase, the amount of calories that can be consumed by individual is increased to 1200-1500 calories. The conditions that applied in the 1st phase continue here too.
Phase 3 (Maintenance)
In the 3rd phase, the main emphasis is on maintaining the weight loss achieved during the first two phases. The calorie intake is increased to 1500 calories and above. You are allowed to have some starchy carbohydrates, along with gluten-free grains and some dairy products. However, the introduction of all these food items is very gradual.
It is a known fact that exercise is very essential for reducing as well as maintaining weight. While making the Fat Flush Diet Plan, this has been duly taken into consideration. You will be required to do 20 to 40 minutes of exercise per day, depending on the phase of the plan. Usually, the exercises include the low-impact ones (like walking). You will also be required to do strength training (lifting weights), but it will be limited to only two days in a week.
Last, but not the least, you will be required to take exactly 8 hours of sleep per night. This is to ensure that you remain fresh and healthy throughout the day.

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