Regular bowel movements are essential for maintaining good health. Read about normal and abnormal bowel movements.

Bowel Movements

Not many are enlightened with the knowledge of good health and good living. Sometimes, people indulge in eating habits that may hamper their digestion in the long run. Due to this, the bowel movements get affected many a times. Most people think that one bowel movement in one ay is healthy. It may not be so as you can never set a deadline on the way the body functions. Some people may have faster metabolism and may have bowel movements twice a day. Some people may have a lower metabolism rate and may have one bowel movement in two days. Scroll down to know more about normal and abnormal bowel movements.
Normal Bowel Movements
Doctors and health experts differ when it comes to quoting the normal bowel movement for an individual. This is simply because you cannot generalize something like bowel movements for everyone and take a singular digit to tag it as normal. However, naturopath and even the Indian Ayurveda declare that one bowel movement in 24 hours is considered to be normal, or shall we say, ideal for health. For this, you need to take a diet that has minerals and fibers and drink plenty of water. Doing a bit of exercise like walking, jogging or cycling, even 15-20 minutes in a day will be very helpful in initiating normal bowel movement.
Abnormal Bowel Movement
Abnormal bowel movements indicate poor diet and problem with the digestive system of the body. It may result in constipation (less than 3 bowel movements in a week) or diarrhea (more than 3 watery stools in a day). There may be many causes of abnormal bowel movements like poor diet, weak metabolism, stomach infection, weak intestines, use of medicines or drugs, problem in the colon, sedentary lifestyle, etc. However, if you notice the following during bowel movements, don’t hesitate to seek a doctor and timely professional help. 
  • Black Stools
    Could be due to certain medications like iron supplements or eating a certain diet. Else, internal bleeding could be a problem. 
  • Blood in Stools
    This is a serious condition in which the cause could be even a mild lesion or something serious like a tumor or colon cancer. Get the stool tested by a professional. 
  • Green Stools
    This could be due to taking artificially colored green foods or iron supplements. Else, could also be due to low colon transit duration. 
  • Red / Maroon Stools
    This could happen if you eat red colored food or vegetables like beetroots. Else, it could be due to hemorrhoids, anal lesions, colon polyps or colon cancer.

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