If history and ancient past excites you, then Egypt is the place for you. In this article, we have provided some interesting and fun facts about Egypt, to help you know the country better.

Facts About Egypt

Located in the north-eastern part of Africa, Egypt is a country steeped in history. It is the land of desert, mummies, pyramids and pharaohs. The ‘over five thousand years’ old history of the country, when combined with the rich diversity of tourist attractions it offers, makes it one of the most popular destination for vacationers. Roam around the banks of River Nile, go on safari on the never ending desert sands or explore the exotic underwater life of the Red Sea, Egypt will never ever let you feel bored. To help you know more about the country, we have provided a number of fun and interesting facts below.
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Interesting Facts about Egypt
  • The official name of Egypt is ‘Arab Republic of Egypt’. The country is known as ‘Misr’ or ‘Masr’ in the local language.
  • The capital of Egypt is Cairo and the city holds the distinction of being the largest city in Africa and the Middle East.
  • Egypt is spread over an area of approximately 995,450 sq km, which comprises mainly of desert and desert like areas.
  • The main language of Egypt is Egyptian Arabic. Apart from that, English and French are also spoken there.
  • A large number of household objects were invented or used by the ancient Egyptians, including lock and keys, combs, scissors, wigs, makeup, deodorants, toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Ancient Egyptians used cosmetics as far back as 5,000 years ago. However, it was meant to protect the skin from sunlight, and not for beauty care.
  • Egyptian architect Imhotep, who lived almost 5,000 years ago, is the earliest scientist to be known by name today.
  • Egyptians created glass and faience objects.
  • Egyptians invented the art of painting on plaster. Even cement was first used by them only.
  • Ancient Egyptians used to play a game, using large stones set up as pins and small stones as a ball, which was quite similar to the bowling we do today.
  • Egyptians were among the very first people to invent writing, along with ink and paper.
  • Pharaoh Pepi II of Egypt is known for having the longest reign as a monarch, which lasted from around 2294 BC to about 2220 BC.
  • Senet, a game played in ancient Egypt, is one of the oldest known board games of the world.
  • The earliest known wine cellars have been discovered in Egypt.
  • The earliest will was prepared by Nek'ure, the son of the Egyptian Pharaoh Khafre, who died in circa 2601 BC.
  • The first written international peace treaty was made between Ramses II of Egypt and Hattusili III of Hittite empire.
  • The pyramids of Egypt are the last remaining ancient wonder of the world. They have been given an ‘honorary status’ in the list of the new ‘Wonders of the World’.
  • In ancient Egypt, women could participate in business ventures, own land, represent themselves in court and even become doctors.
  • Ancient Egyptians knew all about curing meat and preserving food, with the help of natron and sodium bicarbonate. They used them in the process of mummification also.
  • Egyptians have been known to have invented 365 days calendar and the 24-hour division of the day.

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