By analyzing eye body language, you can simply judge the other person’s intentions and feelings. Check out some eye body language signals in the following lines.

Eye Body Language

Have you ever heard the song ‘I’m drowning in your eyes’ by Ephraim Lewis? If yes, then you would know what it means to get drowned in somebody’s eyes, though not literally. For those who haven’t heard the song, note that the battle is not all lost, for you surely must have shared your feeling with somebody, at some point in your life, without uttering a single word, just through eyes? It could be your mom, dad, sibling or lover. Whoever it was, your eyes did all the talking and were sufficient to let the person know what you intended to say. Eyes are magical; they reflect our inner soul and have the power to attract eye balls. A person can play with his words; mould his body language to hide his feeling, but not a single soul can change the language of the eyes. Eyes very easily communicate the feelings of a person. Eyes hold the ability to convey whether the person is fresh, tired, stressed, happy, sad, etc. Eyes are also known as the language of love, as they are great in expressing romantic feelings. Surprisingly, just through eyes, a person can even build a strong trust. This must be a whole lot of revelation for people who thought eyes merely assisted in giving a person a vision. Now that you have realized the importance of eye body language, you would also know that no person in this world can fake eye body language. However, keeping in mind some eye body language signals, a person can make a positive impression wherever he goes. Understand the signals and let your eyes do all the talking!
Eye Body Language Signs
Looking Up
When the eye balls move up, it indicates that the person is thinking something. One can look up in many directions. So, when a person looks up in the left direction, he is in flashback mode and recalling something. If he is looking up the right direction, this means that he is imagining something which does not exists in real. So, if you come across any person talking something looking up in the right direction, you can very easily catch that his fakeness.
If a person lowers down his head and then keeps his eyes in upward direction, then it is a sign of eye contact attraction. Also, it indicates lack of attention. When the person looks up during a speech or presentation, it indicates that he is trying to recollect the words of the speech.  Looking up, sometimes, is an indication that the person is extremely bored.
Looking Down
When a person looks down, it indicates that the person is dominating and ruling. Lowering of eyes can also be accompanied by a slight tilting of the head. But when a person looks down without making any eye contact, it simply indicates that the person is being ruled. It also, sometimes, signifies that the person is guilty.
Looking Sideways
This signal suggests that a person is interested in something or being threatened. It can also indicate the person’s disapproval on something.
Squinting simply means narrowing of the eyes. When a person narrows his/her eyes, it is a direct signal that he/she disagrees with whatever the other person is saying. But when the eyes are narrowed with lowered eye lids, it indicates that the person is very tired. If the squinting is accompanied by tossing head back and crumpling the lips, it signals that the person is in a romantic mood.
If the person is continuously glancing at something or somebody, it indicates the strong desire of that person. This desire can be anything - to get out of a certain place, the person is interested in somebody else and wants to talk to him/her.
Pupil Size
This is a very important part of the eye body language. If after seeing someone, the pupil size of the person gets wider, it indicates that the person is highly attracted towards the other person.
Staring can indicate many emotions. If the person is staring at somebody, it indicates whether he is aggressive or affectionate. It also signals that the person believes something, which is not actually true.
Closing the Eyes
When the person suddenly closes his eyes, it indicates whether he is shocked or horrified of something that he doesn’t want to see. If a person closes his eyes in between the conversation, this means he is either avoiding or ignoring the conversation.
It signals conspiracy. Winking also sometimes is done to indicate a greeting, generally used by men. Sometimes, winking is also used romantically to indicate love.
Damp Eyes and Tears
Eyes with dampness signal that the person is either very tired or is very sad. Tears, on the other hand, ensure that the person is going through extreme pain and sadness. Also, when the person is full of emotions, he ends up having tears in his eyes; these need not be just because of sadness or grief. Sometimes, when people feel overwhelmed or are extremely happy, tears flush out of the eyes.
Lateral Movements
When the eyes move from one side to the other at a faster rate, it signals that a person is lying. Also, when a person wants to escape from a particular situation, lateral movements of the eyes are usually carried out. It may also arise when the person is involved in some conspiracy, just to ensure that nobody is listening or watching him/her.
Gazing is looking at something that interests the person.  When a person looks at a thing at eye level or above, then it is quite normal, but gazing towards somebody’s mouth signals that the person wants to kiss that person.
Eye Contact
  • When the eye muscles relaxes and softens with a minor defocus, it is called as doe eyes. It is an indication of sexual desire.
  • When the person makes an eye contact with a person, it signals that the person is interested in the other one and wants to talk.
  • If, in between the conversation, a person breaks the eye contact, then it means that something has been said for which he does not want to sustain the eye contact. However, continuous breaking and making of eye contact signals flirting.
  • Longer eye contact indicates several meanings. While sometimes it may indicate that the person is paying a lot of attention on a particular thing, on other occasions it may be to hide the lie. However, liars tend to overdo it (without blinking) as they force themselves into this act.
  • Longer eye contact accompanied with a small smile is a sign of attraction. When the longer eye contact is made without blinking of the eyes and coupled with contracted pupils and an immobile face, it means that the person is full of anger and aggression.
  • Less eye contact indicates that the person is either lying or feeling insecure.
Did you know that even blinking, which is a normal phenomenon, indicates something? Surprised, well it is not exactly blinking, but the rate at which the eye flutters shut and open that point out something, which is on the mind of a person.
When the person is thinking more or is stressed, blinking increases. A single blink indicates that the person is highly surprised with the thing he never expected. Rapid bilking signals romantic feelings.
When a person feels uncomfortable or is tired, he rubs the eyes. It is, sometimes, an indication of the person trying to hide something. The rubbing may be with done with one finger, with a finger and thumb (for two eyes) or with both hands. The more the coverage, the more the person is trying to hide behind the hands.
Baffled to know how much your eyes communicate? Judging a person becomes easy as you can now scrutinize him/her just by analyzing his/her eye body language. Also with these eyes body language signals, you can very easily communicate your feelings and emotions, without even uttering a single word!  

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