Does he really love me? It’s the question many of you have been asking but haven’t got any respite till now. You will now! Read this article & know some signs that show whether a man loves you or not.

Does He Really Love Me

Being your fortune teller was the last thing on our cards, but if that’s what our cards have dealt for us then, so be it. Let’s talk business straight away! Let’s look at your hand! Say, that’s a nice glow you got on your hand. What would you like to know my love? Does he really love you or not? Let’s take a closer look at your hand. Wow, you really seem to be having a hard time thinking about whether he loves you or not. It seems that you wake up and try to go to sleep at night with nothing but his thoughts on your mind. You want to know if he loves you the same way you love him? Okay, let’s see! Does he treat you nicely? Good, very good! Does he go out of his comfort zone to do things for you? Great! Does he crave for a little more of your company every time you start to leave? That is wonderful! Has he mentioned about you to his parents and friends yet? Excellent! Then what’d you need us for? That’s right; you don’t need any other psychic or fortune teller for that matter. You can do this yourself and do it well. Cut short of this play and read about the signs that’ll help you do the job better than any psychic.
Signs That He Loves You
  • He’s flat out for you if he consistently asks about your health, what you had for lunch, how your parents are, how your friends are, and how you’re doing in general. No guy would do that unless he’s serious about you.
  • If he’s extra sweet to you when compared to all of his other friends and does stuff to make you laugh and feel special, then there’s a good chance that he’s hopelessly in love with you.
  • Another good way of knowing if he’s in love with you is if he has introduced you to his parents and friends group. It’s a sign that he has already made you a special part of his world.
  • If he gives special priority to you and spends time with you or talks to you for long hours over the phone when he could have been doing a whole of stuff that he used to do before you met him or got close to him, it’s a good sign that he’s smitten.
  • If he’s happy in just being with you and doesn’t give much care as to where the two of you are heading as long as you’re together, know that he is head over heels in love with you. Guys don’t do that unless they’re completely into you. So, that’s one more in favor of “yes he loves me.”
  • Just pay heed to when he talks about his future. If you’re an important part of his future plans, rest assured; he means it and wants you to be in it. It’s a definite sign that he loves you and can’t imagine any future without you.
  • It’s a sure shot sign that he loves you if you’re his confine. If he talks about his problems and things that he’s never ever discussed with anyone else on this planet, then it means that he trusts you to the core. And trusting someone blindly is definitely a sign of love.
  • Another good way of knowing if he’s seriously in love with you is by simply noticing his behavior and expressions whenever a gorgeous looking woman passes by. If his attention and glare stays with you without a fumble, he’s in love with you.
  • You can surely count it as love if he’s told you in words what value you hold in his life and what a lucky guy he is to have a precious little gem like you making his journey all the more meaningful.
  • If he goes out of his way to do unexpected little things to make you feel special and is always careful about how not to mess it up by keeping your likes and dislikes in mind, sit back and relax for he’s in love and you are his dream girl.

Keeping these signs in mind and observing is the best way to know if he really loves you or not. Good Luck!

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