There are always subtle signs that can make you sure of someone falling in love. In case you want to more, read on and get info on the common signs and symptoms of being in love.

Signs Of Being In Love

Love is the most unconditional feeling in the world. You do not even know when you start developing such feeling for someone. It may be the love at the first sight or a feeling developed out of gradual liking. Whatever be it, an unconditional love not only brightens up your life, but also develops a special confidence in you. And if the love is returned as well, it becomes your support and anchor in the bad times and your partner of fun in the hay days. The first love remains like a special feeing for the rest of your life, as it is your first encounter with the most beautiful, unique and treasured experience of life. If you think you are experiencing something similar and are looking out for signs of being in love, just to be sure, the following lines will surely act as a God-send.
Signs of Falling In Love
Butterflies in Your Stomach?
You feel nervous when he/she is around and you show special effort to make him/her feel that you are concerned. You also try to be impressive through your witty jokes and intelligent quotes.
Paying More Attention To Your Looks?
Once you are in love, you become specially concerened about your looks and appearance. If you are a girl, you would start loving girlish colors like pink and purple and love to groom yourself in a very special way, lest you end up meeting him somewhere. As a guy, you would love being a gentleman who looks well dressed and well groomed.
Full of Manners These Days?
When you are in front of him/her, you try to be ultra mannered and, in case of guys, chivalrous. As a girl, you may show extra concern about how you carry yourself and treat people around you. If you are a guy, you will be very much concerned about your behavior towards your love-interest.
Constantly Remembering Him/Her?
You simply can’t forget him/her. One side of your brain constantly tickles your mind and keeps your love interest’s memories constantly there with you. You think of him/her while having coffee, watching movie, going out with friends and even while sleeping. You feel like there is something amiss when he/she is not around. You pick up the phone for calling someone else and end up dialing his/her number.
Your New Interest - Astrology?
You were never that interested in knowing about someone so deeply. Isn’t it? But now, you are often seen reading Linda Goodman these days, to know more about his/her zodiac. You even pick up the newspaper to watch the astro-column everyday and end up reading his zodiac before yours. You are also interesting in exploring the compatibility of the zodiac of the two of you.
Trying To Explore His/Her Interest?
You love to explore the things he/she likes. You also try to find out reasons to love what he/she loves. All of a sudden, you want to explore a new side of yourself that is quite similar to his/her. Though this phase often ends up soon, it obviously makes you more aware of that the person you are exploring is your love interest.
Enjoying His/Her Company?
You think you are the best when you are with him/her. You enjoy every bit if his/her company and you wish that this togetherness would never come to end. You also find yourself more happy and cheerful in his/her company and can't seem to stop smiling, when he/she is around.

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