Canoeing is an adventure water sport. If you are planning to go canoeing, then here are some tips for you. Navigate your way through this piece to learn more on canoeing tips.

Canoeing Tips

If you love water sports, we’re sure that you love canoeing too. If you love adventure sports, then canoeing can be a very exciting activity for you. If you love nature, and want to experience it from close, then canoeing can be a rewarding experience for you as well. However, to make your canoeing experience safe as well as exciting, you will have to know the basics of canoeing. Always choose a boat in which you feel comfortable. Don’t forget to check the paddles as well. If you are a tyro, taking up a beginner’s canoeing course will be useful. Water sports are always associated with some unforeseen dangers. So, it is imperative on your part to be cautious about the surroundings and emergencies that might crop up during your adventure trip. If you are planning a canoeing trip for the first time, then you should take proper safety measures to avoid any fatal accident. The section that follows will provide you with valuable tips. Read on to learn more about them.

Tips For Canoeing
  • Canoeing is a water sport so you should be a skilled swimmer so that you can manage yourself well in cases of emergencies.
  • Beginners should be aware of their abilities and limitations for a safe canoeing experience.
  • If you are planning to go canoeing, carry extra paddles with you. A spare paddle will be handy if your paddle accidentally breaks.
  • Clothe yourself appropriately. You should be ready to get wet, so choose your attire accordingly. Also, consider the water temperature while selecting your attire.
  • Always wear a life jacket when you are canoeing and follow guidelines carefully.
  • Canoeing is a tiring sport. Make sure to take enough rest before you start your adventure. After all, you don’t want to get fatigued in the middle of the river!
  • Wear good shoes to protect your feet.
  • Always carry your own bottled water. Bring drinking water in non-breakable containers. Never drink river water, no matter how clean it may seem.
  • Wear a sun hat if you are canoeing on a warm sunny day.
  • Take necessary medications along with you on your trip. If something happens in the middle of the river, it would take time for help to arrive.
  • Sit down low in the canoe. The higher you are seated in a canoe, the greater the chances are of tipping especially when waves come by.
  • Canoeing is a heavy work out. Consult your doctor to find if you are fit enough for this sport.
  • Eat a good meal and drink plenty of fresh water while on the river to prevent dehydration.
  • Always remember to wear sunscreen even if you are canoeing on a cloudy day.
  • Be sure your boat is in a good condition to prevent any accidents.
  • To avoid capsizing, avoid overloading it with avoidable supplies.
  • If there are too many canoes in the river, be sure to maintain enough distance.
  • Never paddle alone. Bring in mates too.
  • If the water is too cold there can be a risk of developing hypothermia. So, bring additional dry clothes to change if you get wet.
  • If you are wearing sunglass or spectacles, use eyeglass strap to keep your glasses in position.
  • Be sure to fasten and secure all the goods that you are carrying with you in the boat.
  • You may carry food and snacks in waterproof containers in case you feel hungry in the middle of the river.

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