Table decorations are the best way to give a classy look to the bridal shower party. Read below to know more on bridal shower table decorations.

Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Bridal shower holds as much significance as the wedding itself. It is the last time for the bride and her friends to party together before the bride enters a new phase. It is also the time for the bride’s friends to show their support and appreciation, by giving her presents. Bridal showers have a very interesting history. It is said that bridal showers originated around 1860 in Belgium. There poor families, who couldn’t afford to give a dowry, held a bridal shower. Friends and family members would bring in gifts for the bride which she would take as dowry. Though gifts still are of prime importance, the concept, nevertheless, has changed completely, as bridal showers, today, have less to do with dowry and more to do with having a last blast before the marriage. As such, the bride’s family keeps no stone unturned to make the guests feel comfortable and relaxed. With gourmet food and elaborate decorations, bridal shower, nowadays, resemble the look of an actual wedding. And when it comes to decoration, the table takes the center stage. After all, the guests would be sitting around the tables. Innovative table decorations form the key to bridal shower party. Read below to get a few tips on bridal shower table decorations.  
Ideas For Bridal Shower Table Decorations
  • First decide the color of the table and chair linens. You can either match the colors of the bridesmaid dress with that of the tablecloth or you can select any of the favorite colors of the bride. Even going for seasonal colors will look good in decorating the table.
  • After selecting the color scheme, it is time to think about accessorizing the table. You can spruce up the table linen with brightly colored materials like ribbons, swags and flowers. This will especially look good on the chair covers.
  • The table should be decorated, depending upon the theme of the bridal shower. Themes can range anything from kitchen gadgets to tea parties. Depending upon the theme, create a centerpiece for the table.
  • In table decoration, the centerpieces are the main attraction. So, try to be as creative as possible. You can place maps with the bride’s honeymoon destination marked or various other travel related paraphernalia around the table and chairs. A good idea would be to go for map embossed table linen and chair covers.
  • There is no need to rack your brain or burn your pocket for that excellent centerpiece. You can design excellent centerpieces for the table from simple things lying around in the house. You can place antique tea pots with flowers or even jack-o-lanterns surrounded with leaves and pine cones.
  • The table can also be decorated with photographs of the couple over the years or months and any other images of their romantic engagement. You can either keep particular images as centerpieces or emboss the linen with them.
  • Copies of the bride’s favorite quotes and poems can also be kept at the table. You can also frame specific quotes and keep them at the table. Later these can be gifted to the guests as keepsakes of the event.
  • You can also keep small dishes with candies on the table for the guests to snack on. Or simply, keep small vases of seasonal flowers on the tables.  
  • To give the place a romantic touch, setting up candles on the table can be an excellent idea.The soft lighting and a gentle scent of a candlescape would surely give the table a striking look. While smaller arrangements of glass votives or floating candles burning in a bowl of water look great for smaller table, a large buffet table can be best addressed to with multi-armed candelabra.  

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