Breech baby is a baby who rests with his head upwards in the mother’s womb. Check out some exercises & techniques to turn a breech baby.

Breech Exercises

A breech baby is characterized as the position in which the baby adjusts himself in the bottom-down position in the pelvis of the mother. This is just the opposite of the conventional head-down position, which facilitates vaginal or normal delivery. Though vaginal childbirth is still possible in the case of breech baby, it is deemed to be quite difficult and risky. Thus, once the position of the baby has been identified as breech, mothers are often advised to try to turn the baby into the usual position. This can be achieved with the help of various exercises, some of which have been given below.     
Exercises to Turn Breech Baby
Breech Tilt Exercise
Breech tilt exercise is one of the effective ways of turning the baby: 
  • Lay on a board, with one end on the floor and the other on a couch.
  • This is done to elevate the height of your pelvis portion. You can also use lots of pillows to prop up your lower body.
  • Lie with your head down and with your pelvis up at a 45-degree angle, for 10 to 15 minutes twice a day.
  • While doing this exercise, breathe deeply and visualize that the baby is turning his/her position.
Other Methods
  • Some other effective techniques of turning a breech baby include visualization. Visualize your baby turning his/her position, with his head towards your pelvis, several times a day.
  • Another way of providing mobility to the baby is swimming. This will keep your pelvis muscles relaxed and loose.
  • Massage your abdomen using a lotion. Put your left hand at the bottom of your abdomen and your right hand just above it. Slowly move your hands in clockwise direction, towards the right side of your tummy. Make sure you complete a full circle with the help of your hands, making gestures of turning the baby.
  • Get onto your knees and elbows and crawl around. This will help pull the baby up out of the pelvis and will provide the momentum to turn.
  • You can also use sound and light therapy for turning the position of your breech baby.
  • You can simply talk to your baby and rotate your hands in the direction in which you want to move him/her.
  • You can also do pelvic rocking exercise. To do this, first you need to get down on your hands and knees. Now, gently tilt your pelvis as you arch your back. Hold the position for few seconds, before returning your back to a flat position and then relax your pelvis. Repeat this exercise three times a day.
  • A rocking massage will help a great deal in turning the baby to the head-down position, for a normal delivery. By doing so, the whole body will relaxed. This, in turn, would give the baby space to turn its head down. For the purpose, place pillows under your knees and tilt slightly, with a rolled up towel on your right hand side. 
  • Do consult a doctor before undergoing any of the methods listed above.

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