It is very important to know how to ventilate a bathroom properly, to keep it free of excess moisture and unpleasant odor. Read the article and explore more on bathroom ventilation.

Bathroom Ventilation

Bathroom is subjected to excess amount of moisture, which may result in the build up of bacteria, further leading to the onset of an unpleasant odor. Hence, it becomes important to let fresh air circulate throughout the place, so that the repugnant odors of all kinds are expelled. The only way to keep your bathroom odor free is by providing proper ventilation. In the following lines, you will get to learn how to ventilate your bathroom, apart from getting information on the most appropriate ventilation systems for the place.   
How To Ventilate A Bathroom 
  • Before installing a ventilation system in your bathroom, you need to calculate the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of air. For this, measure the dimensions of your bathroom (the length, breadth and height) in foot. Multiply them and divide the result by 5. You will have the CFM of air.
  • Figure out the square footage of your bathroom as well. This is directly related to the CFM of air. For instance, if your bathroom is up to 100 square feet, you will need an exhaust fan that is capable of providing 1 CFM of air per square foot.
  • To determine what type of exhaust fan is best suited for your bathroom, visit a home improvement store. There, you will be able to get the most appropriate size of fan for your bathroom that provides the required CFM of air as well.
  • Make sure that the fan you choose has a good quality motor. The motor should be designed to work silently. The fan should be large enough to circulate air throughout your bathroom.
  • Find a location in your bathroom suitable enough for installing the ventilation system. The fan should be placed at such a place that the air flows throughout the room, without leaving any area unventilated.
  • Run the exhaust fan for twenty minutes, every time you go for a shower. Leave the fan operate for five more minutes, after you leave the bathroom.
  • Make sure that the fan is vented all the way to the outside of your house.
  • Opening a window will add to the ventilation system of your bathroom. Keep one of the windows open, whenever you are in the bathroom. This will help circulate the air within the place. If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, installing one will be a wise decision.

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