Yeast infection is one nuisance that sneaks into our well-being and completely disrupts our life. To get to know remedies for yeast infection, investigate this article.

Yeast Infection Remedies

Yeast infection can appear anywhere in your body, right from your nail to armpit to dentures and every other dark and moist corner you can think of. Thanks to ‘candida albicans’, even your ‘below-the-belt area’ isn’t secure against this infection. In fact, it’s said that the vagina is the dream home of yeasts, which explains why more and more women complain of inflammation and itching in their private parts as opposed to their male counterparts. All said and done, even men aren’t all in all immune to fungal raids and can suffer from yeast infection as well. So, what causes yeast infection? Even though a small amount of yeast exists in every human body, it’s only when they overpopulate that the annoying symptoms of this infection comes to the forefront. Ask anyone who had had yeast infection and he or she will tell you how agonizing these infection tends to be. Sadly, yeast infection is hard to stave out and tend to recur repeatedly. Thankfully, there are tried-and-tested cures for this predicament. Apart from taking preventive measures until the yeast clears up, you can try some ‘DIY’ remedies to help your body recoup from the infection. For more on yeast infection remedies, follow the write-up below.
Remedies For Yeast Infection
Toil With Oil! 
Anything from a jock itch to vaginal thrush can make your days a big pain. To stave off candida albicans from wreaking havoc in your mouth, nail and nether parts, try treating the affected areas to the goodness of tea tree oil. This natural antifungal seeps deep into the cell membranes and wipes out the yeasts from its roots. Rinse your mouth with a solution of tea tree oil and water and see the rashes and plaques die down within a few days. Likewise, if you have super-itchy vaginal yeast infection, then try using a concentration of 5 drops of tea tree oil mixed with a pint of water. Douse a tampon into the concentration and insert it into your vagina. Keep it overnight and dump it the next day. Repeating this for a couple of days should minimize the burn, itch and dryness. Tea tree oil works best when used in lower concentrations and is best used externally.
Go Garlic! 
Got super-itchy and super-awful yeast infection? If yes, go garlic! Garlic is indeed nature’s best weapon against yeast infection. Loaded with the goodness of anti-fungal properties, munching on a clove of garlic would give you instant relief from itchy oral yeast infections. However, if you find the idea of ‘garlic-breath’ distasteful, you can always peel a garlic clove, wrap it in cheesecloth and insert it directly in your vagina to do away with itchy infection. Nonetheless, make sure that you don’t tip off the head of the garlic while inserting it or else you might end up with a burning sensation down there.
Where Is The Honey? 
A jar of honey can happily keep all symptoms of yeast infection at bay! You don’t have to gulp gallons of honey or insert the sticky liquid internally. Just applying it topically on the affected areas will provide you relief in no time. Wash off the honey with lukewarm water and dry the areas with an absorbent paper. Repeat this process thrice a day and bid adieu to your yet infection ad infinitum.
Yo! Yogurt 
If you are a yogurt freak, you will probably know that yogurt contains good bacteria. But, did you know that something as good as yogurt can do wonders to your nasty yeast infection? Apart from including a bowl of yogurt in your meals, you can also douse a tampon in yogurt and push it inside your vagina for relief against singeing vaginal infection. Repeat this process twice a day and see the symptoms wear out within a couple of days.
Win Over With Vinegar 
Can’t stand the awful itching anymore? If yes, switch on to apple-cider vinegar and bid adieu to the stinging burn for good. This antifungal acetic acid can be used both internally and externally. Just add a cup full of vinegar to your bathtub brimming with warm water and douse yourself in it for about 20 minutes. Dry off the area and enjoy a day of great relief.
Just like your hair and skin, even the most delicate and private parts of your body need constant care and attention. Maintaining proper hygiene, wearing comfortable clothes, using anti-bacterial soaps should save you from the risk of fungal infections.

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