If you are one of the many guys having trouble understanding women, this write-up is your pick. Find some telltale signs that will solve your problem of how to read a woman’s body language.

Women Body Language

Understanding women is a mystery that remains unsolved till date. While at one hand, men find women fascinating by their looks and gestures, on the other hand, they are unable to even interpret their so-called small gestures, like a smile, frown, wink, or shift of an eyebrow. To make matters worse, a man often lands in a bewildering dilemma when it comes to getting attracted towards a girl. Though the two share an enigmatic chemistry, he is still not able to get closer to her and take the relationship to a newer level. Reason being, he finds her like an open book at times, but feels she’s still a stranger on other occasions. But little does a man realize that a woman uses her body language to communicate her interests and attraction. To make matter simpler, the real trick is to recognize the clusters and progressions of a woman’s body language, decode all of them and and bring the relationship on a smooth road. Thus, we bring you some secrets that can help you unlock the body language of women. Check them out. We hope you finally get to know whether she’s interested in you or not.
How To Read A Woman’s Body Language
Tossing Hair
Since ages, long, flowing hair has been a sign of femininity, sexuality, and child bearing ability. As such, tossing or flicking hair is a common and favorite flirting gesture for women. Moving hair away from face and shoulders, stroking it, or combing it to expose soft bare skin are strong signals indicating women drawing men’s attention towards them. So guys, watch out if your woman is twirling her hair. And if she is, you are simply in!
Nibbling Lips
This is one signal that you need to watch out for. Licking lips, applying on lipstick, or eating something at a slow pace with great pleasure is something that drives men crazy. Gently gripping the lower lip by the teeth and with sensual slowness can get a man on his knees. And simply watching a woman’s mouth can make a man hungry for the smell and taste of her stimulating and delicious pheromones.
Tilting Smile
A smile is the classic and most common signal of flirting and attraction. A simple smile indicates that your woman is positive about you, thereby an important attempt to take your relationship to great heights. In short, she is revealing her thoughts of “I’ve noticed you and I like what I see. I can’t look away so I’m sneaking another look.” However, do not expect your lady to pass on a huge and lengthy smile. It will be a quite quick one only to attract your attention.
Neck Rubbing
Undoubtedly, the neck is one of woman’s most sensitive and erogenous zones. See a woman playing with her neck and you sure will not be able to control yourself. Why? Soft smooth skin is what drives men crazy and the neck is the most socially acceptable area to display it. And touching it stimulates a gentle, soothing, and loving sensation, enough to make one mad. Tilt your head and gently stroke the expose neck; you’ll realize the secret to it.
Playing With Objects
According to psychologists, inner feelings are often transferred to and communicated through external objects. Say, for example, playing with the stem of a glass is a strong sign of teasing and stimulating a man towards her. Further, running a pen in between lips shows she is asking you to kiss her. However, do not assume such body language signals to be always apt, especially when the concerned person is in another frame of mind. Check out for the difference in the speed with which they are done. While slow and sensual is a positive sign, fast and jerky, on the other hand, is a bad signal. But, wine glasses, table ornaments, sunglasses, and pens are some common toying objects, in general.
Crossing Legs
You must have often seen women sitting with their legs entwined. Ever wondered why you guys cannot do it? You are blessed with narrow hips, dude! Do not take this gesture as a positive sign as she is indicating her feminine attitude. She has closed your entry towards sexual advances and is protecting her private areas through tightening her leg muscles. However, some men assume this sign as a challenge to untangle her legs as tight leg muscles are very appealing to them. But on the other hand, if a woman is slowly crossing or uncrossing her legs, it is a sure-shot sign of flirting body language. The more your woman is trying to expose her legs, the more sexual is the signal. Watch out for it, guys!
Women reveal their feelings and thoughts through their bodies instead of uttering a single word. It’s time that you guys start listening to them. All the best!

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