Speed dating is a new form of matchmaking which gives a single person an opportunity to date numerous other singles in one evening. Explore this article to know what speed dating is and how it works.

What Is Speed Dating

Speed dating was first established by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo in 1999 of Aish HaTorah as concept to help Jewish singles meet and eventually marry. It is a formalized matchmaking process that focuses on meeting a lot of people in a short span of time. Usually, a speed dating event includes short dates (3 to 5) where one speed dating participant meets another with a face-to-face conversation on any topic of their choice. All speed dating participants are given a signal and they make notes about each other whether they would want to meet their ‘date’ again before moving on to another person. Speed dating saves time and most people are able to quickly decide if they are romantically compatible and first impressions play the most important role and are often permanent. Read on further to know more about speed dating and how it works.
How Speed Dating Works 
  • The first step to speed dating is finding one such party or event being held in your area.
  • Register for one of the speed dating events through many speed dating sites such as asiand8online.com, slowdating.com, dateanddash.com and ditchordate.com.
  • Choose the party you want to attend on the basis of age and venue.
  • Buy your tickets and turn up at the recommended arrival time.
  • The party is usually held in a nice club or bar. On your arrival you will be given a number to be worn on your shirt.
  • All the females will be seated at a particular table for the entire duration of the party.
  • The bachelors in turn will sit down at the table and the two will be given 3 to 5 minutes to talk and briefly know about one another.
  • A bell will ring or a whistle will be blown at the end of the given time limit. This indicates the bachelors to move on to the next table.
  • Both the participants circle “yes” or “no” on their date to indicate whether or not they would want to meet the dater again.
  • As the bachelors move on to the next table, the same process of meeting a new potential mate begins again.
  • An intermission takes place during the party to give the participants a chance to get themselves a drink or use the restroom.
  • At the end of the event, the daters meet between 10 to 20 potential matches depending on the size of the party and time constraints.
  • After the speed dating event has come to an end, the participants get around two to three days to log on to the website to log their matches.
  • One has to enter the number for the dater that he/ she felt a connection with and is interested in meeting that person again.
  • The website will email the contact details of those persons within a week.
  • The choices are logged on by both the parties and when there is a match, both are notified.  

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