What do girls look for in a guy is a million dollar question. To know what a girl likes, dislikes, looks for, admires, loves and hates and to get the girl of your dreams, read on.

What Do Girls Look For In A Guy

They say girls are complicated, but guys are just as mysterious as any other creations of God. As an individual, each girl or guy is unique. You probably know that different men have different preferences in women; same is the case vice versa as well. Haven’t we all been there when a particular person was irresistible to a friend but irritating to us? Just like men’s general preferences in women can be ascertained to a certain extent, women also have this common framework to judge guys. And if you are a guy, then today seems like your lucky day since you stumbled upon this article which seeks to give you insights on exactly what clicks with chicks and what does not! Attraction, infatuation and love are baffling concepts that puzzle every single one amongst us. No one really gets them figured out until they find someone who is the missing link to their life’s jig saw puzzle but we never cease our attempts at understanding these concepts. The following is one such potent attempt at understanding the fairer sex. Read on for some enlightenment.
What Girls Look For
  • Let’s go in order. If it is a girl who caught your fancy in a restaurant or a high end shopping complex or a big movie theatre or multiplex then chances are that the feeling will be reciprocated if and only if she likes your exterior appearance. But then you would have probably known this for a fact since you too will judge her on the basis of her exterior appearance and rate her cute, beautiful or sexy.
  • Since this article is on ‘what girls look for’ we give you the inside scoop dealing with looks and appearances. When it comes to exterior appearance some girls like clean shaven and then again a few get turned on with small stubbles. There is no need to toss the coin every morning before shaving. A clean crisp white formal shirt and a pair of blue denims with some good smelling cologne is the bare minimum that you need to desired attention.
  • To buy brands or not is an important question. But to wait and invest in a good brand is probably the best idea. Since girls of all age adore a man who has an impeccable taste, it is better if you stick with good brands – not to mention, stuff like that would also make you feel pampered and nice. So no matter if it is the footwear, shirt, trouser or wallet that you are thinking about, own just a few but let them be from good brands.
  • If only the human race had evolved without eyeballs, all the above mentioned points could be skipped and you could have started reading from this point. But since that is not to be the case (or else you wouldn’t have been reading at all!), this point is where it is – at the fourth position. This is where the art of attraction from a woman’s point of view is laid bare just for your understanding. Girl’s love the funny guy! Good jokes make women smile, laugh and loosen up and get comfy with you. So, crack a joke, get her laughing and lo and behold she will be candid, casual and most importantly be herself. But remember to not creep her out with not-so-funny or double meaning jokes! You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot with her.
  • Girl’s love gentlemen. By definition, gentlemen are those who hold the door open for a lady, spread their jackets on water puddles so that her feet do not get dirty, drop her back home diligently, offer their jackets if the lady feels cold, protect her from the eve teasers or the villains etc. Phew! This list has quite a few tall demands but the long and short of it is that it is the adjectives like ‘responsible’, ‘compassionate’, ‘honest’, ‘loyal’, ‘mature’, ‘respectful’ that when attached to your name can get you all the attention you want. But remember, women always appreciate men who are protective but not to the point of paranoia. Let her have her space all the while you keep the eve teasers at bay and she’ll never let go.
All said and done, it is the person you are that she has to like. So don’t make the mistake of showcasing your acting skills just to get her attention for lies don’t last long. Be yourself and let her be herself too - happiness shall be all yours. All the best!

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