Choosing the right kind of food befitting the occasion can make or mar the celebrations of the newly-weds. This piece of writing will help you with menu ideas for wedding receptions.

Wedding Reception Menu Ideas

Right from the moment when the couple exchanges engagement rings, wedding plans begin to materialize and continue to be hashed over till the fag end. Be it the hunt for that flawless wedding gown or zeroing in on the floral bouquet, you are confronted with a deluge of overwhelming options. So, you cannot by a long shot imagine the reception menu being a cakewalk for you. With guests galore and preferences variedly extravagant, food can become a wet blanket on such a momentous occasion. If the menu consists of forgettable cooking, it will only ruin the feeling of the wedding in general. Deciding on an entire wedding reception menu can be overpowering, because, considering that the tastes of your guests are varied, more varied are the options available. The sections that follow explore some wedding reception menu ideas that might find use with you. Read on to learn more about them.

Menu Ideas For Wedding Receptions
When planning food for a wedding reception, consider all your guests and their special dietary needs. Enlisted below are interesting menu ideas for your wedding reception.

Comfort Foods
Yes, comfort foods can be fun to have as reception menus. Macaroni and cheese and hamburgers that are mini sirloin are comfort foods. A festive and relaxed mood sets at the reception if served in family style.

Tea Reception
If a full meal at the reception does not appeal to you or you cannot afford one, here is the tea reception coming to your rescue. Tea receptions can be elegant without demanding costly food choices. With finger sandwiches, candies, cakes and some cookies, you are all set to have a simple, yet stylish reception.

Having A Theme
It is fun to base your menu on the season and theme of the wedding. You can have apple-maple glazed chicken and a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert, if it’s a fall wedding. For a summer wedding, you can have lemon grilled salmon with fresh vegetables.The menu can also include the favorite dishes of family members.

Appetizers And Cocktails
For an offbeat reception, you can base the reception on appetizers and cocktails.You can serve the drink of your choice and serve it with shrimps. Go for the appetizer you think will be appropriate for you and your significant other.

Morning Reception
If you have chosen a morning reception, you will have the breakfast or brunch option. This is generally a less expensive way to go, as you can serve traditional morning foods like pastries, bagels, smoked salmon, cheeses, fresh fruit, omelets and pancakes. Although a morning affair may be more challenging for your traveling guests, it will give you the chance to leave for your honeymoon that day. Some people really appreciate an early start to the anticipated day, as opposed to having to wait for what may seem like endless hours to begin their celebration.

To arrange for buffets, you have to allow for more food options that are presented creatively. It can be less formal than a traditional sit down meal where guests eat what they want in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Mid-Day Reception
A mid-day reception will allow you to serve a more laid back, and not too costly lunch menu. You can serve hot and elegant dishes or simply go with the timeless theme of sandwiches, salads, pasta and fruits. Mid-day receptions will allow for more travel time for the guests who have decided not to arrive in town the night before your affair.

Dinner Reception
The dinner celebration allows for the most formal and most expensive celebration. There are umpteen choices for menus, serving styles and themes. You will need to decide whether you want a buffet, specific food stations, or a traditional sit-down meal.

Hope you find these wedding reception menu ideas helpful. You now can choose the food for your special day without making heavy weather of it.

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