Have a wedding checklist prepared right when you think of tying the nuptial knot and watch crazy “hot headedness” give way to “cool as a cucumber attitude”.

Wedding Checklist

Having cold feet is the second most common reaction of freaking out over a marriage, globally! Wondering which is the first one? Having a hot head! A hot head syndrome basically stems from causes like having to tell a whole lot of people including your parents about the guy or girl you’re about to marry, and having to convince your parents that he/she is the right choice. However, the main thing that seems to cause all the hot headedness is having a whole wedding to plan and having no plan at hand. The symptoms include frequent emotional outbursts at the partner, scolding random people off the street and teaching them a lesson, frequent mood swings from being happy to sad to turning hulk, high blood pressure, frequent cravings to hurt people who don’t do what they’re asked to, and much more. However, the cure for having a hot head is not unknown. All it requires is to follow a series of organized steps with the help of a wedding checklist that will keep you in check and help you cope up with the head that seems as if mercury has shot its way out of the thermometer. So take deep breaths, let go off the collar of that person, whoever he is, and read this article about wedding checklist to keep everything in check for your D-Day.
Wedding Planning Checklist
10-12 Months Before The Wedding
  • Share your marriage intentions and plans with your parents, family members and close friends.
  • Announce your engagement in the newspaper, if you want the whole world to know. Or mail the invitations to the close ones via e-mail or send proper cards via paper mail.
  • Have an engagement party if you like or celebrate with close friends and family.
  • Set your wedding date and have backup dates available, just in case
  • Set your budget for the wedding.
  • Start on your guests list
  • Decide the theme of the wedding according to the budget.
  • Consult a wedding consultant if budget allows
  • Look for the sites, banquet halls or churches to hold the wedding and reception party
  • Have a meeting with your wedding officiant (can either be your friend or proper clergymen)
  • Choose bridesmaids, groomsmen, and ushers
  • Meet with different caterers, florists, and musicians or bands
4-6 Months Before The Wedding
  • Buy wedding rings
  • Inform the out of town guests about the final date, time, and location of the wedding
  • Book wedding night accommodations for the out of town guests
  • Start planning on the rehearsal dinner
  • Select your wedding cake designer and order for the cake
  • Arrange for equipments – dishes, tables, chair, linens and tents
  • Select the wedding dress and groom’s attire
2-3 Months Before The Wedding
  • Jot down your wedding vows
  • Attend bridal showers, if any
  • Choose your photographer and hand out a list of must take photographs to him
  • Discuss the wedding menu with your caterer
  • Meet with your Officiant and discuss about the wedding ceremony
  • Mail out your wedding invitations
  • Book your makeup artist and hair stylist
  • Schedule your rehearsal dinner
  • Send wedding announcement in local newspaper if you feel like
  • If your state requires for a marriage license, make necessary appointments
Month Before The Wedding
  • Check with your bridesmaids and groomsmen to make sure they have their attire ready
  • Have wedding dress tryouts. Take you bridesmaid along for support and suggestions
  • Contact your caterer, florist, musicians, photographer, Officiant, wedding cake maker, transportation and hotels and confirm the schedule
  • Confirm with relatives and friends if they received the invitations
  • Write thank you cards for the gifts you’re going to receive
1-2 Weeks Before The Wedding
  • Arrange for seating plan
  • Hand over the final head count to your caterer and confirm for last minute changes
  • Prepare toasts for rehearsal dinner and reception
  • Pick up the wedding dress
  • Attend bachelor or bachelorette party if any
  • Finalize the seating arrangement
Day Before Your Wedding
  • Try to relax and have a blast with your friends and relatives
  • Have a pre wedding day at the spa to relax your senses and tensed muscles for doing all the hard work
  • Distribute wedding gifts
  • Check on the vendors one last time
  • Go to the beauty parlor and have a manicure and pedicure
  • Hold the rehearsal dinner
Wedding Day
  • Be there, don’t have cold feet, and enjoy your wedding
With this wedding checklist properly adhered to, there’ll be no need of rushing to your own wedding like out of towners. Enjoy your wedding, don’t just be in it!

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