Treating a wasp sting at home is a very easy task. Read this article to get information on the home remedy/ treatment for wasp or bee sting.

Wasp Sting Treatment

Wasps or bees usually resort to stinging a person either when they are threatened or when their territory and nest is disturbed. Normally, a wasp or a bee sting results in mild irritation and pain around the sting site. However, in extreme cases, like an allergic reaction, the effects might be much more serious, at times, even fatal. The usual symptoms of a sting are pain, swelling, redness, itching, local infection and skin hives. In case of such symptoms, you need to give the first aid at home itself. Go through the following lines and get the surefire way to treat wasp sting and some tips too.
Home Remedy for Wasp or Bee Sting  
  • First of all, remove the sting from the skin. For the purpose, take a dull butter knife and scrape it against your skin, in the opposite direction of the sting entry.
  • After the sting has been removed from the skin, it is the time to take steps to reduce the swelling. Put 2-3 ice cubes in a cloth and press it over the sting. You can also make use of an ice pack for the purpose. Do this for 10-15 minutes. Make sure not to use ice directly on the skin.
  • Wash the area where the wasp/bee has stung, with the help of soap and cold water. Dry it gently with a towel.
  • In order to make sure that no allergic reaction occurs because of the sting, apply a topical hydrocortisone cream over it. 
Other Remedies 
  • You can apply baking soda or mud on the sting site. They have been known to alleviate irritation.
  • To cure the itching, you can make use of an antihistamine. If it fails to ease the pain at the sting site, you can take painkillers as well, but only after consulting a doctor.
  • A natural remedy for wasp sting comprises of plantain leaves. Chew small pieces of plantain leaves well. Now, spit them out, onto the area affected (with wasp sting). Hold the chewed leaves on the sting site for a few minutes. Repeat the process until you find relief. In case the chewing-and-spitting thing seems to be repulsive, you may grind the leaves, make them juicy and then apply on the affected area.
  • Lay a fresh slice of onion (with the upper skin peeled off) onto the sting site. It may irritate the wound for a few seconds. But, after holding the onion slice on the sting site for a few minutes, it is definite that you would find great relief from the swelling and pain.
  • Apply few drops of apple cider vinegar immediately on the sting site. The vinegar would extract any poison out of the spot and lessen the swelling as well. 
Some Tips 
  • If you notice any severe reaction after being stung by a wasp/bee, like excessive pain, nausea, or vomiting, it is advisable to seek medical help.
  • The baking soda should be applied over the affected area in moderation, because its chemical nature might irritate the skin, if used in more amount than sufficient.

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