Volkswagen Phaeton presents the perfect blend of luxury and style. With this review, check out the features & specifications of Volkswagen Phaeton.

Volkswagen Phaeton

Phaeton, the luxury sedan, is the largest and the costliest car in the history of Volkswagen - the German automobiles manufacturer. The car is the perfect combination of premium materials, pioneering technology and exceptional designs, meted out for a pleasurable journey of utmost comfort. Minute detailing has been resorted to, for the finesse of the car. While its exterior is extremely classy, the interiors carry the elegance a little further. The car has a unique harmony of design and functioning, for a comfort and luxurious ride you would never forget and all this, with almost no noise!!
 A draftless four-zone climate system, air compressor suspension system, standard 4motion four wheel drive and the ability to select a preferred ride type - from comfort to sport, these are some of the features that exclusively belong to Phaeton. With almost 100 patents specific to it, the car comes across as the perfect blend of luxury and style. Volkswagen Phaeton comes with all-wheel drive and has three models, named after their engines. Phaeton V8 is a 6-speed automatic transmission model that gives 335 hp, while the magnanimous W12 is 5-speed automatic and promises 420 hp. V6 TDI engine, the first of its kind engine that meets the EURO5 norm, produces 238 hp.
Some of the standard features of the car include ABS, antiskid system, OnStar assistance, front and rear torso side airbags and head-protecting curtain side airbags. Volkswagen Phaeton has one of the best fitted seats available in any car of the same price. The interior of the car has a built in dehumidifier, which prevents it from steaming up. Air suspension within the car is designed in such a way that it automatically adjusts firmness within four driver-selectable levels. An optional 4-seat package replaces the 3-passenger rear bench, with a pair of adjustable buckets and a center console. Volkswagen Phaeton is fitted with a front and a side scan system that helps it to prevent any hazardous situations.
While the front scan system brings the car to a halt in extreme circumstances, the side scan monitors the side area for any obstacles during change of lanes. The front lights are modified to include bi-Xenon bulbs that adapt to the direction of the front wheels and illuminate the road accordingly. They come with the LED running lights, integrated within the headlamp units. The bonnet of Volkswagen Phaeton has been redefined to suit the needs to the car, in terms of its look as well as purpose. The car flaunts a complete computer controlled entertainment system, which serves almost 150 different functions. It also has a Bluetooth enabled voice-control phone, which can store up to 1000 contacts.

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