Assorted gift baskets are great gift ideas for any occasion. Read on to find unique gift basket ideas for different occasions.

Unique Gift Baskets

When you wish to gift a person assorted gift items, it is more attractive to put them all together into a gift basket rather than presenting them all in a plastic cover. Gifting choices depend on your budget and the receiver’s likes or interests. Gift baskets can contain delicacies like chocolates and cookies, an assortment of wines or spirits, toys and action figures, DVD collections, reservations at hotels or spas with travel tickets, dinner reservation and movie tickets, game consoles and games, etc. Gift baskets can also be selected based on a particular theme. Traditional baskets made of cane or bamboo strips can be used to gift chocolates, flowers, wines and other such objects that occupy lot of space and are attractive when displayed bountifully. Tickets and vouchers can be presented in a fancy envelope. Gift baskets to kids can be cardboard boxes with colorful decorations as they can be used to store the toys after playing. If you are gifted with artistic talents you can use your skills to personalize the gift basket with sketches or symbols. If you aren’t good at painting you can use stencils or ribbons for decoration. If you are unable to give the gift basket by hand and need to rely on courier service for assistance, remember to use packaging materials that minimizes additional weight. Since most international couriers are sent in cartons, you could decorate the inner surface of the carton to make it look like a basket when opened.

Unique Gift Basket Ideas

Gift Baskets For Babies And Kids
Gift baskets for babies can have lot of options; you can gift blankets, walkers, rattles and tons of other baby necessities. Action figure sets, dolls or soft toys are for kids between 3 to 6 years. Painting, sketching, origami, electro-mechanical, aero-modeling, ship-modeling or other art and hobby kits are fun and educational for older children and teenagers. Sport kits or game consoles with compatible games are also great gifts that can be bundled together in a gift basket. It is better to understand the child’s interest than try to force children to indulge in new hobbies.

Movie Gift Baskets
Movie gift basket is an ideal gift idea for a movie buff. You can pick some classic DVD collections coupled with instant popcorn packets and nonalcoholic or alcoholic beverages. Movie tickets can be gifted along with dinner reservations as well to surprise your loved one.

Travel Gift Baskets
If you are looking for gift ideas for a person who is traveler by heart, then why not surprise him/her with travel tickets along with hotel or spa reservations or travel brochures. Frequent travelers and adventure buffs can also be gifted several camping or travel accessories in a basket.

Alcohol Gift Basket
Although such gifts are mostly given to men, they’re common at “stag” and “hen” parties. Always choose quality over quantity while choosing wines or spirits. Such gift baskets are usually made of cane or bamboo strips. Few of them are designed to resemble pirate chests or caskets.

Chocolates And Cookies
Chocolates gift baskets are the most appreciated common gifts. Rare, exotic or famous chocolates or cookies of different flavors can make a unique gift basket for any occasion. Pre packed gift baskets are usually made of cane strips or thin metal boxes.

Birthday Or Anniversary Gift Baskets
Place your greeting card on top of the gifts or the gift box. Packing all the requirements for a party in a basket and celebrating with that person is a good idea if you live with that person. Other gifts can include one of the above ideas.

Father’s Day And Mother’s Day Gift Baskets
Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are meant to make your parents feel special. With a little bit of thought you can come up with a gift basket idea that will make your dad/mom feel elated. Don’t forget to consider their interests before choosing the gifts. You can either go by a theme, like a gourmet basket, chef’s basket, etc or assort different gifts and nicely wrap them in a gift basket.

Baby Shower Gift Basket
Baby shower gift baskets can cater to all the needs of an expectant or young mother. It can contain books on parenthood, clothes for infants, cosmetics or beauty aids for the mother, etc.

Gift baskets always make a person feel special because the sight of several things of one’s interest can be very appealing. You can reuse gift baskets to promote recycling or make personalized baskets  yourself.

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