Do you want to know a few engagement gift basket ideas? If yes, explore this piece of writing for some distinctive engagement gift basket ideas.

Engagement Gift Baskets

An engagement is the first step that two individuals take in the journey of a lifetime together. It is from the time of their engagement that they are responsible for one another. An engagement is a very happy and important occasion in the lives of the couple. Is it not befitting then to shower the couple with gifts that are unique, thoughtful and special? Choosing gifts for any occasion is never an easy task for most of us.  Most of us are at a loss when it comes to choosing the right gift for the person we love, cherish and care for. A gift basket with an assortment of different gift items makes for a very unique and special engagement gift idea. The gifts should be such that they are of use to both the bride and the groom. After all, of what use is a gift on such an occasion that both of them can’t make use of? Makes sense doesn’t it? This piece will help you deal with your dilemma of choosing that perfect gift for the couple. Read the following sections to get to know a few neat engagement gift basket ideas.

Engagement Gift Basket Ideas

Evening Of Indulgence
Help the couple celebrate their engagement by gifting them a gift basket full of some tasty goodies and a bottle of sparkling champagne. This will give the couple the opportunity to indulge in a beautiful evening together before they start their wedding preparations.

Intoxicating Gift Basket
Provide the couple with the opportunity of enjoying a romantic evening together before their engagement day. Arrange a gift basket that holds invigorating aromatic candles, floating candles and votive candles that will spice up the evening prior to their engagement day.

Metropolitan Breakfast Gift Basket
This gift basket will meet the first requirement of the couple in the morning, namely - their breakfast. Fill the gift basket with different kinds of jams, pancake mixes, blueberries, etc and gift it to the couple.

Organic Gift Basket
If the couple are health conscious and are ones who watch their diets, nothing can be better than offering them an organic gift basket. You can pack the organic gift basket with some yummy treats that you know both of them mutually enjoy.

Romantic Gift Basket
You can present the couple with a romantic gift basket containing red roses, dark chocolates, romantic music CDs, body powder, etc. Arrange these goodies in a beautifully made basket along colorful ribbons and other decorative pieces.

Unforgettable Gift Basket
As the name implies, this gift basket is meant to floor the couple completely. What you can do is to arrange a few goodies like some mint truffles, lemon tea packs, orange cookies and other such goodies that spread a warm feeling of togetherness and love.

Luxury Bath And Body Products
A gift basket containing luxury bath and body products makes for a very nice engagement gift basket. You can add some aromatic bath and body goodies in this unique gift basket. Items like bottles of perfumed body washes, moisturizers, sponges, a set of scented candles, aromatic incense, bubble soaps; bottles of perfume, etc are a few goodies that the couple are bound to appreciate.

An engagement gift basket is meant to let the couple feel special and enjoy a few moments together before they get on with their wedding preparations. You can feel free to try different permutations and combinations and come up with your very own unique engagement gift baskets as well.

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