Engagements are as special an occasion as weddings, if not more, and what better way to cheer the event than with wonderful gifts for the nearly weds. Here are some gift ideas for Indian engagement.

Indian Engagement Gift Ideas

When it comes to weddings, Indians stop at nothing to make their celebration an extravagant affair and at times a little larger than life. Indian weddings are choc-a-bloc with song, dance, fireworks, festivity and rituals, which make the wedding all the more colorful and vibrant. Engagement is the prelude to the bigger event of life, i.e. marriage, which binds the would-be-bride and groom in a commitment and sets the stage for a lifetime of togetherness. Indian engagements are pompous affairs, grandly marked with an elaborate ceremony, celebration and gifts. Engagement is a perfectly engineered event, designed to bring both the families together to commemorate the approaching wedding ceremony and bless the couple. Gifts are almost an indispensable part of any celebration and it’s true for engagements too. Engagement gifts mark the beginning of the impending new life for the nearly-weds and hence should be picked with care and affection. Here are some wonderful Indian engagement gift ideas for your help. Read on for more.
Gift Ideas For Indian Engagement
Think of Indian weddings and the first things that strikes every mind is an Indian bride all decked up in precious gems and jewelry, glowing pretty in gold. Jewelry has always found a special standing in Indian marriages and has been highly prized for its eminence and auspicious bearing. If your close pal or kin is all set to get engaged, gifting them with a priceless jewelry can make a whole lot of sense. Jewelry makes for wonderful keepsakes and is a delight to give and a pleasure to receive. You can choose between necklace, bracelets, earrings, pendants, ring, anklet and toe rings or even gift personally customized gold and silver coins.
Gift Hampers
When it comes to gifting someone, the more is always the merrier! Gift hampers or baskets loaded with knick-knacks make for a great gift option. You can go for a spa hamper or pile up your basket with bath treats, aromatic candles, essential oils, scented soaps and more. If the would-be-bride or groom has a sweet tooth and loves to indulge in sugary delights, you can go an extra mile and duck your basket with flavored chocolates, nuts and champagne for the ultimate romantic engagement gift statement. You can even go for individual gift baskets, which consist of a personal grooming kit for both the bride and the groom.
Art Works
Gifts speak for themselves and a gift as exclusive and unique as a piece of art work can do just the trick for you. You can pick up paintings of their favorite artist or their choicest depiction and surprise them. You can also gift sculptures, or other beautiful, hand-picked artifacts to adorn their space. You can also give them something as unique as handmade picture frame or traditional relics too. Or best, consult with someone close to either the groom or the bride on what the room for the nearly-webs would be like. Gifting something which can adorn the wall of their bedroom would surely make the best choice for you.
Apparels & Accessories
Even after exhausting the credit card limit and bringing down the debit card to zero balance, ask any bride or groom to be and you would be sure to find him/her moaning about not buying enough clothes and accessories for his/her new beginning. Clothes and accessories make for great gifts for every occasion, more so in an event like engagement. One can gift traditional sari or lehenga for the would-be bride and a pathani suit or sherwani for the groom-to-be, keeping in sync with the tone of the event. You can also go for jodhpuris, safas, dupattas, mojris and kolhapuris.

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