Benign thickenings on the skin or mucous membranes can be identified as warts. Explore the article to know about the different types/kinds of warts appearing in individuals of all ages.

Types Of Warts

Warts can be understood as benign tumors of the epidermis, caused by human papilloma virus. They are also known as verrucae or condylomata. The appearance of warts is common and most of them resolve on their own, without any treatment. They can occur on any location of the body and can be found in individuals of any age, but are more common in children and teenagers. Majority of the warts can be easily transmitted by skin to skin contact. However, plantar warts can also be transferred from moist floors. The incubation period of the warts may range from a few weeks to many months. The article dwells on the different types of warts at length. Read on to know their characteristics.
Different Kinds Of Warts
Plantar Warts
Plantar warts appear on the sole of the foot, known as the plantar surface. Due to the foot pressure on these warts, they don’t look too grown on the outside. However, a large part of these warts enters the insides of the foot. In other words, these warts tend to grow into the skin, rather than coming outward, like most other warts. They can be quite widespread occasionally, affecting large surfaces of the skin. Plantar warts are often confused as corns or calluses.
Periungual Warts
Periungual Warts mostly form near the nails and can give immense pain to the sufferer. Rough to touch, these warts can deform the nail, if the wart virus enters the area below it. The virus can enter the nail plate as well. The treatment for Periungual warts can be complicated, if the nail develops fungal infection, which can happen on some occasions. Ideally, these warts should be treated and cleared as soon as they appear on the skin, to avoid any further damage.
Flat Warts
Flat warts are small in size, flat-topped and smooth looking. They usually have a brown color, but at times, can be skin colored as well. Flat warts are commonly seen on women's face. In adults, these warts generally appear in shaved men. The beard and legs are the common areas for such warts to appear in men. Also known as plane warts, these warts are smooth-textured when they appear in children.
Common Warts
Common warts appear on the back of the fingers, toes and in some cases, even on the knees. Rough to touch, these warts look like a cauliflower. Any area of the body with broken skin can be possibly attached by these warts, which is one reason why they are often found near broken fingernails. The black dot that appears on the top of these warts is due to the presence of blood vessels. This dot makes the wart appear like seeds, the reason why it is also known as a seed wart.
Genital Warts
Also known as venereal warts, genital warts are caused by strains of a virus called HPV. They can affect the genitals of both men and women. These warts can appear anywhere on the genital areas or the anus. They can be transmitted as well, through skin-to-skin and sexual contact with the other person. Small, fresh-colored bumps develop as warts, which have no treatment other than physical removal. Genital warts may develop again, after removal.

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