Nightmares are the perfect antithesis of dreams. Unlike dreams, nightmare causes distress and fear. Read below to know more on the different types of nightmares.

Nightmares Types

Who doesn’t love dreaming? Perhaps it is very hard to find someone who doesn’t. Everyone indulges in dreaming either during the day or involuntarily during the night. Most often dreams are soothing as the mind goes through a play of the images and emotions that we experience during the day. We even live our hidden thoughts in a dream. But sometimes dreams become torturous. You break up in a sweat and wake up screaming, to find that it was only a bad dream. Thereafter, you find it very difficult to go to sleep again. Such dreams that terrorize the sleep out of you are known as nightmares. Almost all of us, without exception, are familiar with it. Both adults and children suffer from nightmares, though it can be more prevalent and intense in children. Like dreams, nightmares also occur because of your emotions and experiences. However, unlike dreams, nightmares generally occur due to the negative aspects of the emotions and experiences. Thus, after any traumatic event, the person will most likely re-live the incident, with the same intensity as the event, in the nightmare. Since the psychology and the experiences of people are different, so the type of dreams and nightmares are also very varied. They can, however, be loosely grouped into several types, which are also the most common.  Read the article given below to learn what the different types of nightmares are.
Different Kinds Of Nightmare
The nightmare revolves around the victim being chased by blood-sucking men and women. These vampires then catch hold of the person and then suck the blood and life out. Horror movies or reading/sharing ghost stories late night mainly cause such a nightmare.
This is a very common nightmare. The person has the nightmare that he/she is being chased by numerous people with the intention of killing. The people chasing cannot be identified exactly, but sometimes one may feel that someone close to him/her is chasing. Such nightmares generally result from stress.
Animal Attack
The person has the nightmare that he/she is attacked by a lion or tiger or some dangerous animal. The person gets up all sweaty and worried after such a dream. It is believed that this nightmare occurs when the person is filled with negative emotions.
Getting Killed Or Hurt
Painful death is another common nightmare seen by children and elders. Death in the nightmare can be either due to an accident or murder. Some can also get the nightmare that someone close to them is dying. In less intense form of this nightmare, the person can dream of being hurt or of his loved ones getting hurt. The nightmare can be the result of the person being involved in any traumatic incidents or seeing or hearing of someone’s death.
Drowning Or Falling
The person feels unable to breathe and visualizes in the nightmare that he or she is drowning. In another form, the person dreams that he/she is falling from a high place. Both these nightmares can point to the fact that the person is overwhelmed and helpless.
In such a nightmare, the person sees that he/she is trapped in a closed place, like a locked room or elevator and is unable to escape. The enclosed space also makes the person feel suffocated. The nightmare is thought to result from confusion in one’s life.
In this nightmare, the person dreams that he/she goes to school or work naked. As such in the nightmare the person feels very vulnerable as everyone in the nightmare starts laughing at him/her. The nightmare is thought to be a result of some inner shame or embarrassment. It can also point to the person feeling repressed.

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