Despite being a medicinal herb, turmeric can cause side effects when consumed in large quantities. In this article, check out adverse effects of turmeric.

Turmeric Side Effects

Turmeric has been used as an ayurvedic medicinal herb from ancient times to cure diseases. Turmeric is a perennial shrub that grows in tropical areas of Asia. In India, it is used as one of the hot spices in the food and is considered as a symbol of prosperity. Apart from that, it is also used for treating many health problems and is considered a cleansing herb for stomach. It is also taken as a home medicine for various diseases like fever, common cold, and so on. In China turmeric paste is made to stop bleeding and heal wounds. While turmeric consumed in small quantity has healing properties, excess of it can lead you towards its side effects. Consuming it for a prolonged period can result in gastrointestinal and stomach problems. Therefore, turmeric should be used only in a required amount. In the following lines, some of the adverse effects of turmeric are given.
Adverse Effects Of Turmeric
  • Consuming turmeric for a long time causes gastric problems. This happens because of its spicy nature. To overcome this problem, a supplement is taken that uses an enteric coating which allows nutrients to get absorbed in the small intestine itself and keep the stomach problem free.
  • Turmeric has platelet aggregation properties. Due to this, the blood clot formation is deceased. This leads to bleeding. Take pharmaceutical supplement which has natural nutrients and turmeric extracts ensuring the right amount of turmeric intake.
  • Turmeric is a uterine stimulant, which induces menstruation. So, pregnant and lactating women must take care of its intake. It may harm the baby.
  • Do not take turmeric if you are consuming any anticoagulant or antiplatelet medicines. It might be reactive and cause unnecessary reaction.
  • Studies say that turmeric has an ill effect on the chemotherapy. As such, avoid taking turmeric, both naturally and in supplement form in the diet, if chemotherapy is going on.   
  • Turmeric when absorbed orally does not absorb well.Take vitamin supplement containing piperine. It promotes absorption.
  • Continued application of turmeric powder on skin may cause skin problems. Some sensitive skin might experience allergy and irritation on the skin. If the problem is not solved, then it may lead to skin rashes.
  • It can cause indigestion and also diarrhea. Mild cramping in the stomach can also be one of the effects of turmeric consumption.
  • Due to high consumption of turmeric, it may encourage liver and gall bladder-related problems.
  • Intake of turmeric supplement for a long time can cause severe problem like unstoppable bleeding. It promotes congestive heart disease, if taken in large quantity
  • Consuming a large amount of turmeric, apart from that present in the dish, may also lead to nausea and sweating. Turmeric may also cause contact dermatitis.
  • If you intake over 1000 mg of turmeric in a day then, it may lead to heart burn and may have laxative effect.
Now that you have browsed through the side effects of turmeric, make sure that you stay away from large quantity of turmeric intake, lest you face any of the above mentioned adverse effects.

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