For a happening night party, sporting sultry and sweltering eyes is just the best bet. Go through the article, to get makeup tips on how to create sultry eye effect.

Sultry Eye Makeup Tips

Want to sport hot and sultry eyes, to create an 'oomph' factor for that much-awaited evening party? If yes, then this article would be just the perfect one for you. Remember, eyes are the most complimented part of a human body and enhancing them requires much time and effort. There are numerous eye make up products you need to use to get the desired effect. From eye shadow, liner and kohl to glitters, concealer and mascara, the options available are endless. Right from choosing the right color to blending them perfectly, every step of applying eye makeup should be dealt with proper care and caution, to create the perfect sultry and sweltering eye effect. In the following lines, we have provided sultry eye makeup tips, just for you.
How To Create Sultry Eye Effect 
  • Preparing the eyes would be the first step towards creating the sultry look for your eyes. Clean your eye area and apply an eye cream in delicate, tapping motions. This is important step, as the cream would act as a base or foundation for the color, minimizing imperfection, if any.
  • Get an eye base or a concealer, which is lighter than your skin tone. Brush it onto the eye lids and under the eyes. However, do not apply in large amounts. Start by using a little amount of the concealer and work your way through it.
  • Now, with your eyes primed, its time to apply color. For creating a sultry effect, the best bet would be to pick deeper tones of eye shadow.
  • Take a deep eye color and sweep it along the base of the lash line, from inner corner to outer. Make sure that the color curves up and out towards the outer corner of the eye, creating a soft, smoky effect.
  • Continue buffing the eye shade up to the crease of the eye. Concentrate more color on the outer corner of the eyes.
  • Now is the time to highlight the eyes. Ideally, sandy shimmer is the best option to give your eyes a sultry effect. Apply this shade on the brow bone, slowly blending it into the existing eye shadow shade. Make sure that the colors melt into one another, creating a soft, subtle effect on the overall.
  • Select an eye liner that compliments the color of the eye shadow. Now, take the liner and smoothly add a line on the top eyelid, lifting near outer corners. In case the liner moves away from the lash line, smudge it to make it in sync with the eye shadow.
  • Once the top eyelid is done, it is time to apply the liner under the eyes. For lower eyelid, start from the corner of the eyes and work your way inwards. Fill in any gaps between lashes.
  • Though you would have followed all the above given step minutely, your eyes would not look vibrant if you do not apply a mascara. For a sultry effect, select glossy black mascara that adds both volume and length. You need to start from the root of the eye lashes on the upper lid and work your mascara outwards and upwards.
  • For the lower eye lashes, tickle the tip of the lashes with your mascara wand. It would add much needed length and color to your lower eye lashes, without making them look overdone.
  • To add finishing touch to your already sultry eyes, accentuate the brows and highlight the skin around the sexy eyes. Your hot and sultry eyes are ready to take on the world!!

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