Want to break the monotony of your look? Try out some punk haircuts. These hairstyles are sure to give you a revamped look, making you look gorgeous and stunning.

Punk Haircuts

Do you wish to stand apart when in crowd in terms of your look? Today’s generation loves experimenting, especially with their looks. At young age, girls and boys wish to flaunt an extraordinary look that sets them apart and makes them look different from the peer group. To meet this need, many new and unique hairstyles have cropped up. These hairstyles completely change the look of a person and make them look distinct and fashionable, both at the same time. Amongst the various styles that are gaining popularity, punk tops the list. Not only does the style offer uniqueness and exclusivity, it lends the wearer a well-defined and charismatic look. It is believed that Mohawk haircut marked the popularity of the punk look hairstyles but the same is outdated now, all credit to the arrival of new ones. Punk haircuts offer great variety for both men and women. The hairstyle is becoming extremely famous amongst teenagers, as they get instant recognition upon wearing this hairstyle. However, the entire punk hairstyle is not restricted to the cut - a variety of punk hair colors can be employed to complete the look. Note that a different cut, when coupled with a completely unique color, changes your appearance entirely. Take a look at some punk hairstyles in the following lines.
Punk Hairstyles 
Punk Hairstyles For Women
This is a short punk haircut that requires least maintenance. The hair is cut small from the sides and back. The top front hair is shaped into a long side bang. This long bang is then colored with a blonde streak color. The hairstyle is extremely famous amongst teen girls. In case you have a blonde hair, then color the long bang with another color, preferably black.
Shy Scene
A long punk haircut, the style looks extremely good on women who can carry of anything with great panache. For this haircut, the tresses are cut very close to the face. The individual is then given choppy long strands near the eyes and cheeks. Long choppy side bangs can also be cut. The remaining hair is then cut into layers and is deeply chopped.  
Asymmetrical Cuts
Perfect for those with short or medium length tresses, this hairstyle is edgy and offers a great look for those looking for less dramatic an appearance. The hair present near the back hair is cut short close to the nape of the neck, while the side hair is kept long and asymmetrical at the same time. To get a great punk look, increase the asymmetry of your side hair and color them with bold streak colors.
Punk Haircuts For Men
Layered Choppy Styles
For this style, the hair is cut into layers, keeping the front hair long with a side bang. The side and back hair is cut very small as well as thinned to give them a tapered look. To get the edgy punk look, chop the hair. You can also get the soft wispy ends look by a razor cut.
Faux Hawk
The faux hawk style is not very dramatic and looks great. The hair is cut into short crops from the sides, while the middle band of the hair is kept longer. At last, the top hair is styled upwards using a strong hold hair gel.
Modern Mullet
This is an awesome punk hairstyle exclusively for men. The hair is cut into a mullet, but the top hair is cut in a way so that one can style them into a faux hawk hairstyle. For the same, side hair is cut into crops and the top hair is styled using a hard gel in an upward direction. One can also get two side cuts to add more drama to the entire look.
For Both Men & Women
The Mohawk
Women can get this punk look, by cutting the side hair very short, keeping the top and front hair pretty longer. Men can completely shave the hair from the sides, keeping the hair long in front and top. The long hair can be colored with some bright hair color to make the look more exclusive.
Long, Choppy Haircuts
For this hairstyle, one can chop the hair from anywhere. Men can try a shaggy chopped hair, while women can go with anything from asymmetrical hair chop to a razor cut. Women can also go for a reverse bob. In this, the hair progressively gets shorter in length, which means that the front hair is longer in comparison with the back ones.
Punk hairstyles are attention-grabbers. They give a distinct, innovative, unique and attractive look to the person. So, if you want those grab those eye balls and be a head turner, sport a punk hairstyle!

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