Forget the blonde, the brunette and the black and go fuchsia this fashion season with super hot pink hair color! To know more on how to color your hair pink and be a real head-turner, read on.

Pink Hair Color

Bored of your walnut brown, burnished honey and gold rush and looking for a shade shift! Dump your inhibition and shake up a new look with flirty fuchsia and get all eyes popping. If brown, black and blonde colors and peek-a-boo highlights are too quiet for you, then getting some pink inspiration from Gwen Stefani or Audrey Kitching can put you on a high note, literally. Spike up a never-ending party look and pull out all the stops with really ravishing and uber dramatic pink. Whether you wish to clone a Pink like shag or go for a pink-rinse like Kelly Osbourne, going for a color evolution can leave you with cool looks. Go high on coral pink, or settle for lavender rose or spruce up interesting textures by playing with different tones of magenta, puce and pink for a very ‘I-Me-Myself’ kind of a look. You can go pink all by yourself without having to spend a fortune on salon bills. Just surf through this ‘DIY’ guide to achieve salon like results right at your home.
How To Color Your Hair Pink 
  • Looking to color your mane with zesty eye-popping pink! Before you duck your head into the dye, take out time to bleach your strands first lest you do not wish to end up with a blotchy finish. Strikingly bright shades take a long time to get perfect results on dark hair. So you better bleach your strands light before going all pink! Agreed tons of chemicals in bleaching can dry up your hair and damage it beyond repair. However remember, hair grows on. So dye now and fret later! Brush the bleach on your mane and allow it to set completely before rinsing it off with water. Make sure you follow the instructions on your bleaching kit to a T to save your skin from the unsympathetic chemicals.
  • To max out your hair impact, go generous with your pink dye! Liberally dab the roots, hairline and tips with dye and make sure to brush the dye evenly on the entire head.  Refrain from using your hands for the job as it can leave ugly stains on your skin and fingernails. Keep rubber gloves handy and use it to cover your hands when dying. Remember, dye can just stain about almost anything, so brush with caution!
  • Once you are done with dying your mane, put on a tin foil and a shower cap and doze off! Waiting for the gunk to dry can be pretty tiring. The good news is that you don’t really have to sit on for hours with it. Just wearing the dye for an hour or two should leave you with exciting results. However, refrain from overdoing or wearing the color for too long as it can wear of your hair and can leave you with a scalp burn.
  • Getting the goop out of your mane to see how things have turned out is probably the most fun part of any color job. Just rinse your hair and lather it gently to get the gunk out. Make sure you rinse the dye completely so as to not stain your towel with funky hues. You can rinse off your hair with water or vinegar (optional) and blow-dry your tresses for exciting results.

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