Memory albums play a vital role in reviving our memories once it gets hazy. Read the article below for tips on making memory albums.

Memory Album Ideas

As the saying goes, memory never dies. It just hides in the nooks and crevices of the mind. Memory is a gift that offers both pain and pleasure. How often is it that we find something that reminds us of the past, a place, a photograph, a memento? Wouldn’t it be better if we had carefully stored these in a special place where from time to time we can indulge in nostalgia? Memory is but a fleeting moment, and that moment is enough to give boundless joy, or pain as the case may be. Kevin Arnold said about memory that “Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.” And indeed its true for love and memory are inseparable. Whoever wants to hold onto painful memories? It is always a beautiful past that we strive to hold onto. And what other way of treasuring those than in a memory album. It allows you to collect your most treasured moments, over the years, in the form of photos and other memorabilia, which you can then keep as a keepsake. To help you make a personal memory album of your own given below are tips on making memory albums.
Tips On Making Memory Albums
Decide on the concept, that is, how you want the memory book to look like. You can simply pile your photographs or you can arrange them in chronological order. You can also decide whether you want to add texts explaining the photos. You can also make yearly memory books or a single one. Another good option is to leave a few blank pages so that you can jot down some notes.
A simple memory album can be made from a three ring binder that can be bought from the local stationery shop. Marker pens, glitter pens, a few sheets of colored paper, some stickers, paper clips, scissors and transparency sheets.
Decorate the cover by either pasting colored paper and stickers or making a collage with some photographs. Try to make it as attractive as possible and it should reflect your individuality. You can also design the cover like a pictorial guide without any words. After you paste a photograph on a page cover it with a transparency sheet.
Sort the photos that you would like to include into your memory album. Crop and trim them according to your own specifications. Arrange the photographs as creatively as possible. Your memory book should be your pictorial autobiography of all the good events in your life. When you are arranging the photos in chronological order make sure to jot down the dates and the name of places.
Make your memory book as organized as possible. A jumbled memory book will wear you out. Always add a line or two for each photograph. You can write down certain incidents and anecdotes associated with the photographs. Take care not to jumble the page with too many photographs as it may look cluttered. Being minimalistic has its own beauty.

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