A family's photograph album is a treasured memoir of all the cherished times spent together. Preserving your prized memories is vital. With the following tips, learn how to preserve the family album.

How To Preserve The Family Album

Family photographs are perishable commodities that need to be preserved. After all, you don’t make memories, you live them! A photograph is the best way to hold on the moment for eternity. What you have caught on film is captured forever — it would remind you of even the little minute things, long after you have forgotten the real incident. Isn’t all this like a fairytale? Well, for those who preserve their memories well, this is reality churned out from a fairytale setting. However, if you are one of those who dump their precious memories of the loving days in an old shoe box or a worn out closet, get out of those lazy shoes and save your precious moments, before they fade away. Flipping through a family album is like almost losing oneself in the lanes of the past. After all, what else can fetch a sudden smile or a tearful jerk as a pleasant reminiscent of the past? A family album is almost a treasured heritage that speaks volumes about your prized times and thus deserves an exceptional tending. Keep up the cherished memories of a family reunion, a picnic, birthday, get together or any other family celebrations and good times with a well kept family album. Here are some easy ways on how to preserve the family album. Read on to know more.
Tips For Preserving Your Family Album
  • Someone rightly said, “A good snapshot stops a moment from running away”. Your family memoirs, vintage or new, are priceless and cannot be bartered for anything. Thus, it makes a good deal of sense to treasure these memories and keep your family photograph album spick and span. After all, you wouldn’t like to see your treasured memories peel or fade away into yellow. To avoid your photographs from withering away with time, use everything acid-free on it and see your memories outlive generations.
  • Photographs needs very sensitive handling and should always be stored separately to assure a longer life. You can use sheet protectors to store your photographs separately or just tuck it into acid free sleeves of your photo album. Keep away from sticky or magnetic albums since they tend to be very high on acidic content and cause irreparable damages to your snapshots.
  • Clicking a moment only makes sense if you can hold on to it for long. Print your photos on ‘permanent paper’ or paper that is lignin free and pH neutral. Check out with your photo developer and ask for a paper that is suited for long-term photo preservation. The safest bet is to go for the ones that have company name printed on them.
  • Always use acid-free ink to print your photographs. While most ink-jets bet on acid free ink, there are some printers that do not conform to this thumb rule. Also, choose an ink that is fade resistant. If you are using an inkjet printer and want your pictures to stay vibrant - keep all images out of direct light and away from water or liquids to ensure a longer shelf life.
  • It is doubly important to store your album in the right place, a place that is environmentally safe. Light, moisture and even too warm or too low temperature can cause serious damage to your photographs. Never store your photos in a garage or cold storage room. A dark closet that retains the same temperature most of the time would be the ideal choice to store your photo albums.

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