There are many interesting places to see and fun things to do in Melbourne, Australia. Check out the famous tourist attractions of Melbourne.

Melbourne Attractions

Location: Around Port Phillip Bay in south-east Australia
Language: English
Best Time to Visit: March - April
Time Zone: AEST (UTC+10); AEDT (UTC+11)
Driving Side: Left side
Main Attractions: Waterworld, Waves Leisure Centre, Melbourne Zoo, Southbank, Queen Victoria Markets, Chinese Museum, Melbourne Museum, City Museum at Old Treasury, etc.
One of the finest cities to be visited in Australia, Melbourne is a major tourist destination, attracting tourists from all over the world. It is the second most populous city in Australia and is the state capital of Victoria. Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city, which is often termed ‘Style Setter’. The place is full of life and activities and more often than not, one can witness fabulous exhibitions, lively festivals, musical extravaganzas, etc., all for sole entertainment. Melbourne is known for the delectable food palate and offers some of the finest food and wine. If you want to know more about the various attractions and places to see in Melbourne, read the information given below.
Melbourne Tourist Attractions
Amusement Parks
Be it adults or kids, everyone loves the idea of spending a day at an amusement park. How often can you forget all the tensions of life and scream your head off at the thrill those roller-coasters offer! Melbourne has its own share of amusement park to make sure you get an adrenalin rush and at the same time, enjoy yourself to the hilt. Check out places like Waterworld, Waves Leisure Centre, Luna Park, etc. that offer exquisite rides and make sure that you leave with great memories!
Famous Museums
The museums in Melbourne are unmatched in terms of their collection of artifacts and maintenance. Be it a museum dedicated to sports or cameras or thoroughbred racing or underwater life, Melbourne has interesting museums to keep you fascinated for hours. You must visit places like Chinese Museum, City Museum at Old Treasury, Immigration Museum, Scienceworks, etc. Also, don’t forget to visit the Melbourne museum which is Australia’s largest museum and has 9 major exhibition areas, which includes the mind and body gallery, dinosaur exhibits, indoor rainforest, insect and butterfly collection, etc.
Explore Wild Australia
Melbourne has many wildlife preserves and also has the Melbourne Zoo that has a number of animals that visitors can see safely in the natural habitat. Also, be sure to visit the high-tech Melbourne aquarium which features a Barrier Reef exhibit and also walk through tank that has sharks! You may also visit national parks around Melbourne like Brisbane Ranges National Park, Little Desert National Park, Lower Glenelg National Park, Alpine National Park, etc. that offer panoramic views of nature and also a variety of animals.
Shopping in Melbourne

Melbourne has a lot to offer for all those who love to shop till they drop. Shopping places like Southbank, Eastland Shopping Center, Queen Victoria Markets, etc. offer tourists anything and everything, right from clothes, jewelry, arts & crafts, souvenirs, to branded stuff as well. There are restaurants and cafes located in these shopping areas that make sure you don’t have hunger pangs tugging at your stomach when you are shopping!

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