Bamboo shoot is a very common ingredient in the culinary tradition of the East. Read the article below for more on the medicinal properties of bamboo shoots.

Medicinal Properties Of Bamboo Shoots

In many countries of the East, bamboo shoots can send people salivating on their plates. Those who have tried bamboo shoots swear by the sweetness and crunchiness it provides to the dishes. And bamboo shoots are very versatile. They can go along quite well in almost any type of dish. The fact that it is a grass doesn’t hinder bamboo shoot eaters much. However, many people have only a faint idea of all the health benefits that the bamboo shoots come loaded with. The Chinese, who have perfected the art of cooking bamboo shoots, knew only of its property in curing infections. Its various other benefits came to light only with the progress of science. Bamboo also find a mention in ayurveda, where the silicious concretion found in bamboo stems is said to act as a cure for various respiratory diseases. There are a host of other medicinal properties in the bamboo shoots, the knowledge of which can perhaps goad the people in the West to include bamboo shoots in their diet, as its use in the culinary traditions of the West is very limited. To familiarize yourself with all the health benefits of the bamboo shoots read below.
Health Benefits Of Bamboo Shoots 
  • Bamboo shoots can be used to clean up wounds. Sores that are maggot infested can be cleaned with the juice of bamboo shoots. A poultice made of tender juice is also very effective in this.
  • It can also be used to treat ulcers. About 120 ml of bamboo shoot juice taken twice daily can be very beneficial for this. The bamboo shoot juice can also be applied to the ulcer or wound.
  • Bamboo shoots also enhance the digestive action of the stomach. It is also beneficial in various types of stomach disorders. It is especially effective in treating diarrhea.
  • Bamboo shoot soup can speed up the measles cycle in children. Having bamboo shoot soup, twice a day can speed up the appearance of measles rashes and so the recovery will also be fast.
  • Bamboo shoots can also stimulate menstruation.
  • It is also believed that bamboo shoots can also be used to induce labor in the last month of pregnancy.
  • In Chinese medicine, bamboo shoot is extensively used to treat infections.
  • Bamboo shoots also have beneficial effects in treating bleeding piles and gonorrhea.
  • The fresh juice of bamboo shoots can be used to kill intestinal worms.
  • Bamboo shoots are rich in nutrients and low on calorie and fats. The shoots are also an excellent source of fiber. A single cup of bamboo shoot is enough to meet the body’s daily fiber requirement.
  • Bamboo shoots are also rich in potassium. So, it is excellent for boosting the health of the heart. The bamboo shoots also help in keeping the blood pressure to normal levels.
  • Bamboo shoots are also a rich source of lignans. Lignans have anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. As such, including bamboo shoots in the diet is a good way to include all these health benefits.
  • Bamboo shoots also have anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants. So, bamboo shoots are very effective in reducing the risk of cancer and also prevent any injury to blood vessels.
  • There are also seventeen types of amino acids in bamboo shoots and over ten types of minerals. It is also a good source of the element selenium.
  • The element germaclinium is also present in bamboo shoots. This element activates the human cell.

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