Bamboo shoots are delightfully high on both taste and nutrition that makes this tender fiber all the more savoury. Explore its nutritional benefits here and treat yourself to its goodness.

Bamboo Shoots Nutrition

How often have you sat in an oriental bistro ravenously forging your forks into the steamed dumplings and Soop Naw Mai with little thought or consideration about its nutrition content? Bamboo is a huge favorite with most oriental chefs who generously draw on its white flesh to pep up their cuisines. The tender bamboo shoots, especially those belonging to the bamboo genera Dendrocalamus and Phyllostachys are much favored by epicureans for their delightfully supple texture and their incredible bitter-sweet zest. Nevertheless, there is more to bamboo shoots than just its gourmet status. Of late, bamboo has been gaining popularity with medical enthusiasts and health-freaks. Touted as a rich dietary supplement, bamboo shoots are chock-a-block with essential nutrients and dietary fibers. What makes bamboo shoots all the more sought-after is its low-calorie status that has won it quite a rage among foodies. If you love your bamboo shoots, then educating yourself on its nutrition facts will leave you with more than one reason to cheer. Read on to know more on the nutritional benefits of bamboo shoots.
Nutritional Benefits Of Bamboo Shoots 
  • Bamboo shoots are an extremely rich source of fibers known to do wonders for cholesterol health. Researchers have claimed that supplementing regular diet with bamboo shoots can lower LDL levels significantly. It has been ascertained as the perfect cure for many lifestyle diseases and holds the potential of delaying the onset of many chronic ailments. This is indeed good news for anyone looking for a more natural way to bring down their cholesterol levels without having to worry about the ill-effects of powerful medications.
  • The rich level of dietary fibers and cholesterol found in bamboo shoots is known to improve bowel movements and cure constipation too. Regular consumption of bamboo shoots is known to increase faecal volume and benefit gastrointestinal health too. Bamboo shoots are known to absorb fat, promote digestion and boost excretion. They are low calorie fiber alternatives to your regular diet and leave your health with quite a few highs.
  • The best thing about tasty bamboo greens is their meager calorie content that makes it a huge hit with health freaks and weight watchers. The high-fiber and low-calories content makes bamboo shoots a favorite diet of weight watchers and can contribute in averting the risk of colon cancer too.
  • Bamboo shoots are rich in potassium, a mineral lauded for its ability to bring the blood pressure down. Daily intake of bamboo shoots will satisfy the body’s potassium requirements and keep your blood pressure from going high.
  • Bamboo shoots contain generous amounts of phenolic acids and have anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties too that help to keep various chronic diseases including cardiac problems at bay.
  • Apart from these, bamboo shoots are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, thiamine, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, protein, riboflavin, niacin and iron.
  • When cooking bamboo, take care to remove the hard skin and use only the white tender flesh.
  • To get rid of its biting bitterness that occasionally mars the taste of bamboo shoots, douse it in water for almost 24-36 hours before cooking.
  • Parboil the bamboo shoots before cooking to keep them from turning toxic.
  • Always store the bamboo shoot in the refrigerator to make it last for longer. 

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