Leather is one commodity that is used by people because of its durability and versatility. Read the article below for the various ways in which you can clean leather.

Leather Cleaning

Leather has a certain class that many costlier fabrics lack. Those who use leather swear by it, because of the wide range of ways in which it can be used. From shoes to clothing to upholstery to accessories, leather brings in a certain charm that always manages to attract the eye and elicit a comment from the admirers. Though some people may scoff at the use of leather because of ethical issues, the fact is that the users of leather far outnumber the naysayers. As long as the leather is not harvested from any endangered species, it is all fine to use leather. The actual process of making leather from the skin of animals is fairly laborious and complicated, which answers as to why leather products come with high price tags. As such, those who own them take extra measures to keep the leather spic and span. But since leather is used for day to day use, the task of keeping it clean becomes a nightmare. Remember, unless proper care is taken in cleaning them, leather goods soon follow the path to the bin. Read below to learn how you can clean your leather items without spoiling them.
How To Clean Leather
  • First the leather should be dusted properly. For this, you can use any soft cloth or micro fiber cloth to carefully dust the surface of the leather.
  • You can also dampen the cloth with moisturizing soap and then lather the leather. Do not rinse the leather; rather buff it to give it a nice shine.
  • To remove spots from the leather, you can dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and then use it to rub the spots. This process is very good for removing common stains like ink.
  • You can also remove stains using non-oily cuticle remover. Apply the cuticle remover on the stains or spots and allow it to set overnight. Then dampen a soft cloth with water and wipe off the stain or spots.
  • You can also make a very effective homemade cleaning recipe for leather by mixing one part lemon juice with one part cream of tartar. Mix the two ingredients into a paste and using a soft cloth, apply onto the stain in the leather. Leave it to sit for a couple of hours. Then apply a second coating of the paste and allow it to set. Then wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Leather is also susceptible to water spots. These can easily be removed by moistening the area with a little water. Then keep the leather article under a fan to dry. You should never keep your leather articles in the sun to dry.
  • Road salt can be removed from leather articles like shoes by using a mixture of one part water and one part white vinegar. Moisten a cloth with this solution and then rub it lightly over the surface. Repeat it several times for best effect.
  • You can also clean the leather with a concoction of vinegar and linseed oil. Pour one part of white vinegar with two parts of linseed oil in a jar. Close the lid and shake the jar vigorously. Dampen a soft cloth in this solution and apply it to the leather. Leave it for 1 ½ hours and then buff. While applying the solution, you should change the soft cloth frequently. Any leftover solution can be kept for storage.
  • Another excellent cleaning option is to use a mixture of castile soap, olive oil and grapefruit seed extract. You can also add essential oils to this mixture, as this will remove the odor. Mix this solution in half a gallon of water and apply it on the leather with a soft cloth. This process is especially good for leather clothing.

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